Student Airfare for International Programs

Our extensive network of airlines & tour operators enables us to provide you & your groups with a great value on short-term study abroad, volunteer abroad, service learning, alumni & faculty trips.

How Student Groups Can Save Money with FTI
Take advantage of our:

  • Student rates - Save with our contracts & Top Account negotiating power.
  • Humanitarian rates – Add a volunteer abroad or service learning component.
  • Package rates – Combine flights with ground services. We customize educational tours, service learning programs & add-on excursions.

We can also provide flexibility, such as open-return flights for individual students & faculty who travel abroad for an extended amount of time.

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Volunteer Abroad Programs Produce Global Citizens Prepared to Compete

Nurse and Volunteer

At FTI, we're proud of the role we play in creating globally-responsible citizens. We encourage all our customers to use their skills to make a difference in the world through sustainable volunteer projects.

Volunteering is becoming increasingly important in the educational arena. Colleges are more focused on creating socially-aware graduates who are ready & able to use the skills they learn in the classroom to affect positive change in their world.

This is an exciting shift, as volunteer abroad experiences are a win-win. Students get as much out of the volunteer programs as those they help. They learn about the culture & language as well as gaining advanced knowledge through hands-on volunteer opportunities, making them more competitive when applying to colleges or entering the marketplace.

As a full-service travel agency, we offer all-inclusive group volunteer abroad & service learning programs around the globe. Check out our new volunteer projects in Central America. Like all our group volunteer programs, they can be customized to the skills, goals & budget of the group traveling, focusing on: education, social work, construction, the arts, sports, medical assistance & more. So, whether your engineering students want to create self-sustaining businesses with their solar-powered food carts or your nursing students want to serve the poor in rural or urban clinics, we can design a program to fit your needs.

Incorporating FTI’s volunteer programs can even reduce the cost of your trip by giving you access to discounted humanitarian airfares.

View our sample itineraries for Volunteer Abroad opportunities.

Short-Term Study Abroad

FTI creates unique cultural experiences for faculty-led educational tours, volunteer programs & service learning programs. We work with each professor/ group leader to ensure that the itinerary aligns with the academic goals of their international program.

We’ll customize travel itineraries that:

  • Fit your goals & budget
  • Complement the students’ area of study
  • Can be turn-key (including air + land) or arranged as an add-on for an international program you already have planned
  • Include group tours in your connecting city

Faculty-Led Educational Tours

Our educational tours offer more than just sightseeing. FTI can arrange a variety of unique activities. Students can attend lectures & professional networking events, participate in local culinary classes, learn to make local products (such as: perfume, paper lanterns, or grass mats), & more!

Make sure to let us know what other travel services you need. We can arrange accommodations (hotels, hostels, dorms, etc.), as well as group transfers, rail, meals & international calling & WiFi. Just let us know what you’re looking for, & we’ll put it all together.

View our sample itineraries for Educational Tours.

Volunteer Abroad Programs

FTI supports international volunteer programs because we believe in teaching students to give back to the global community. We also recognize the importance of promoting an increased understanding of other cultures. Student volunteers have the opportunity to experience the culture at a deeper level as they work side-by-side with local volunteers, create local crafts, & participate in homestays.

Volunteer abroad opportunities are available in 15 countries on five continents. Activities include:

  • Construction
  • Orphan care (arts, education, etc.)
  • Sports
  • Wildlife conservation
  • And, more!

View our sample itineraries for Volunteer Abroad opportunities.

Service Learning Programs

Service-learning programs combine volunteer & study programs, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in their discipline. Professors can partner with us to design a unique service-learning program that fits their goals & budget.

Choose from a variety of volunteer programs (air +land), including: education, social work, the arts, medical assistance & more. Optional excursions & pre/post-project educational tours are also available.

View our sample itineraries for Volunteer Abroad opportunities or Create Your Own.