The Team


Wayne founded FTI in 1982 to offer group & individual travelers quality service at a great value. Jeremy wears many hats. In addition to being VP, he is also the IT Manager & Tour Manager.

  • Wayne Lawhorn, President

    Wayne Lawhorn

  • Jeremy Lawhorn, Vice President

    Jeremy Lawhorn
    Vice President
    Ext. 102


Angie’s been with FTI for 20+ years. Her team handles the company’s finances, shipping & travel insurance.

  • Angie Wood, Accounting Manager

    Angie Wood
    Accounting Manager
    Ext. 106

  • Kelly Bryan, Accounting Specialist

    Kelly Bryan
    Accounting Specialist
    Ext. 105

  • Maggi Mast, Office Assistant

    Maggi Mast
    Office Assistant
    Ext. 100

Individual Sales & Contracts

Denison, a Brazil native fluent in Portuguese & Spanish, joined the team in 2007. His experience working for various airlines has helped us negotiate stronger airline contracts to benefit our customers. In addition to contracts, the Individual team assists customers with travel arrangements for 1-9 passengers.

  • Denison Borges, Individual Sales & Contracts Manager

    Denison Borges
    Individual Sales
    & Contracts Manager
    Ext. 101

  • Cecilia Previs, Individual Sales Agent

    Cecilia Previs
    Individual Sales Agent
    Ext. 104

  • Leanne Leigers, Individual Sales Agent

    Leanne Leigers
    Individual Sales Agent
    Ext. 121

  • Lois Frederick, Airline Contracts Administrator

    Lois Frederick
    Airline Contracts
    Ext. 127

Group Sales

As a missionary kid living in Mexico, Jeff not only became fluent in Spanish, but gained first-hand knowledge of the needs of humanitarian travelers. Before beginning his 25-year tenure at FTI, he organized land services for groups & individuals traveling to Mexico. His team negotiates directly with the airlines to secure the best possible rates & itineraries for groups of 10+.

  • Jeff Compton, Group Sales Manager

    Jeff Compton
    Group Sales Manager
    Ext. 108

  • Connie Gregory, Group Sales Agent

    Connie Gregory
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 120

  • Devi Warrier, Group Sales Agent

    Devi Warrier
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 124

  • Erin Cardoso, Group Sales Agent

    Erin Cardoso
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 133

  • Evelyn Best, Group Sales Agent

    Evelyn Best
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 107

  • Joan Hazelwood, Group Sales Agent

    Joan Hazelwood
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 109

  • Kelly Carson, Group Sales Agent

    Kelly Carson
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 137

  • Regina Gracia, Tour Sales Agent

    Regina Gracia
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 118

  • Susan Gay, Group Sales Agent

    Susan Gay
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 130

  • Tish Marrero-Stone, Group Sales Agent

    Tish Marrero-Stone
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 115

  • Valerie Wermuth, Group Sales Agent

    Valerie Wermuth
    Group Sales Agent
    Ext. 122

Information Technologies

FTI is dedicated to developing & enhancing both our internal software & online client services in an effort to continually improve our customer's experience.

  • Alex Cardoso, Computer Programmer

    Alex Cardoso
    Computer Programmer
    Ext. 135

  • Scotty Scott, Computer Programmer

    Scotty Scott
    Computer Programmer
    Ext. 113


Before joining the company in 2005, Jen’s experience included graphic design, internal communications, & trade show marketing. These skills, along with her passion for travel help her to lead the Marketing team. You may have met one of these ladies at a conference or hear from them via email. They’re ready to answer any questions you may have about our services.

  • Jen Hefner, Marketing Director

    Jen Hefner
    Marketing Director
    Ext. 131

  • Aimee Fauerbach, Marketing Coordinator

    Aimee Fauerbach
    Marketing Coordinator
    Ext. 119

  • Melissa Lawhorn, Marketing Assistant

    Melissa Lawhorn
    Marketing Assistant
    Ext. 136

Group Support

In addition to working at FTI for the past 15 years, Paula & her husband are youth pastors at their church. Her team works in tandem with the Sales teams to manage the details of your trip including: statement updates, ticketing, etc.

  • Paula Price, Group Support Manager

    Paula Price
    Group Support Manager
    Ext. 126

  • Alicia King, Ticketing Agent

    Alicia King
    Ticketing Agent
    Ext. 123

  • Anna-Lisa Todd, Group Support Agent

    Anna-Lisa Todd
    Group Support Agent
    Ext. 116

  • Deanna Schulz, Group Support Agent

    Deanna Schulz
    Group Support Agent
    Ext. 117

  • Katie Porter, Group Support Agent

    Katie Porter
    Group Support Agent
    Ext. 114

  • Stephanie Lawhorn, Assistant Support Agent

    Stephanie Lawhorn
    Assistant Support Agent
    Ext. 132

Tour Sales

If you’re interested in a group tour or volunteer project, one of our Tour Sales agents will work with you to custom-design your itinerary. Once you book your trip, you’ll work closely with an account manager who will assist you with the details, including: rooming lists, deviations, itinerary tweaks, payment schedules, etc.

  • Cindy Gilbert, Tour Coordinator

    Cindy Gilbert
    Tour Coordinator
    Ext. 129

  • Jenny Burkholder, Tour Coordinator

    Jenny Burkholder
    Tour Coordinator
    Ext. 111

  • Susan Komarnicki, Vendor Relations and Tour Product Manager

    Susan Komarnicki
    Vendor Relations &
    Tour Product Manager
    Ext. 112