Although we spend the bulk of our time making travel arrangements for hundreds of non-profit organizations around the country, we also take some personal time to get out & explore the world.

This year several members of the FTI team have taken the opportunity to visit project sites, meet with hotel & tour vendors & experience new things. Below is a brief summary of some of our team’s travel for 2012.

President & Vice President

  • Wayne Lawhorn & his wife Kim visited India, Kathmandu & Bhutan, where they met with foundations to firm up plans for our new volunteer projects.
  • Jeremy Lawhorn & his wife Stephanie spent their anniversary in Cancun, Mexico & are now planning a trip to South Africa in November.

Agents from Individual, Group & Tour Sales

  • Joan Hazelwood traveled to the Bahamas with her family – Her daughter actually got engaged while they were there!
  • Regina Gracia went on a FAM (familiarization) trip to El Salvador to visit the sites & meet with vendors.
  • Connie Gregory took her husband & son to Malaysia to visit their family there.
  • Dension Borges is going to Israel in November to meet with one of our vendors.
  • Regina Gracia, Connie Gregory & Kelly Bryan (from Accounting) visited the Grand Canyon.
  • Susan Gay & Cindy Gilbert went on a FAM trip to the Bahamas & Cindy just returned from a visit to Cancun, Mexico.
  • Sue Komarnicki in Tours spent a few weeks in Croatia over the summer, visited one of our volunteer projects in Costa Rica in September & is headed to Scotland this December!


  • Lauren Modelski visited family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Mika Azeta recently visited her family in Japan.


  • Jen Hefner & her husband spent a long weekend in Cabo, Mexico to celebrate her birthday.
  • Aimee Reid went to Spain in March & is currently attending a Central American Travel Market fair in Honduras, followed by a tour of several Mayan sites in Guatemala.


  • Angie Wood spent some time with her family on the east coast at Emerald Isle, NC.
  • Kelly Bryan is headed to Frankfurt & Heidelberg Germany in October.