Whether you purchase one of our international cell phones or decide to buy one of our SIM/Data cards to use in your unlocked phone, tablet or laptop, we think you’ll love these travel apps!

Trip Lingo

Sound like a local with Trip Lingo! This app allows you to select relevant phrases for your upcoming trips. It will show you the formal or casual ways to say each one – including the phonetic pronunciations.

Pack Point

Packing can be one of the most stressful aspects of a trip, but with Pack Point, you won’t leave anything behind. Tell the app your destination, trip dates & excursions, & it will create a comprehensive checklist for you. The list is generated based on certain aspects like the weather, gender & your reason for travel (i.e. business or volunteering).

City Mapper

Do you fear getting lost in a city or learning how to find your way around? You’re not alone. City Mapper was created to help users find the nearest metro & bus stop. Its interactive map tracks your location & tells you when to transfer or have arrived at your final destination. Wi-fi or cell service is needed to fully utilize this app.

Google Translate

You’re in the middle of Jaipur, India, desperate to find a restroom. The only problem … you forgot how to ask where the bathroom is! Quickly pull out your phone & open Google Translate. Type in “Where is the nearest restroom?” & translate the phrase to Hindi. The app will tell you the phonetic pronunciation as well as an audio translation.

It’s also linked to your camera to translate signs anywhere you go!

XE Currency

Whether you’re in Paris or Cape Town, you can have access to updated currency conversions with XE. You can also calculate price conversions with a built-in calculator.


Trying to find a good time to Facetime your family & friends? Circa shows you what time it is in multiple locations & timezones. You can also set meeting invites using the app.


When you travel, you want to see, taste & experience the very best. Yelp shows you the nearest sites, restaurants & shops to help you plan each part of your day. You can look at ratings, leave a review, check out local events, or bookmark your favorite spots.

Can we help you plan your next trip? We can provide flights, custom tours & ground arrangements in addition to travel insurance & international phone plans. Feel free to request a quote online at any time or call us at (800) 550-0121!

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