Biblical Jordan

This area echoes with stories of Lot, Moses, John the Baptist, Paul, Jesus & others.

Visit these amazing buildings carved from the rock. Thought to be the Biblical city of Sela, this area was home to the Edomites.

Gerasa (Jerash)
See the colonnaded streets, plazas, temples, paved pathways, theaters & fifteen Byzantine churches of the most complete Graeco-Roman city in the Middle East.

Madeba (Madaba)
Some of the finest mosaics of early Christendom can be seen here, including the earliest religious map of the Holy Land (6th c. AD).

Mt. Nebo
Enjoy the view of the Dead Sea, the Jordan River Valley, Jericho & the distant hills of Jerusalem as Moses did.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan
Visit John the Baptist’s settlement & one of the world’s first churches. See Wadi al-Kharrar (where Elijah sought refuge) & Tell al-Kharrar (where he ascended to heaven).

The Dead Sea & Lot’s Cave
See the church & monastery Byzantine Christians built & dedicated to Saint Lot.
Add a trip to Amman, Umm Qays, or the Dead Sea.

Christian Egypt

One of the most frequently mentioned places in the Bible, from Genesis to the Gospels.

Marvel at the Pyramids that stood during the times of Abraham, Moses & the Holy Family’s escape from Herod.

See the 7th-c. Hanging Church or the Saints Sergius & Bacchus Church which houses the cave where the Holy Family is believed to have stayed when they fled from Bethlehem. Then, visit the Coptic Museum to gain insight into the history of the Christian church in Egypt.

Mt. Sinai & St. Catherine’s Monastery
The oldest continually-occupied monastery in the world sits at the base of the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Tradition says that the plant there is descended from the Burning Bush from which the voice of God spoke to Moses.

Footsteps of Paul

Ephesus in Turkey

Learn about its Church of Revelation, the long-lost Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) & the Great Theatre where Paul preached to the Ephesians.

Visit the city where Paul wrote First Thessalonians & likely his Epistle to the Romans.

Climb to the top of Mars Hill (Areopagus) where Paul preached the sermon recorded in the Book of Acts. Also, visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, Athens’ former Olympic stadium & the Agora.

See the massive wall of the Byzantine citadel Paul climbed during his escape in the dark of night during his second missionary journey.

Visit the site of his first sermon & first baptisms on European soil. View the site where Lydia surrendered her life to Christ & a crypt that may have imprisoned Paul.

Paul was in Rome twice, both times as a prisoner. It’s here that he spent his last days & was buried.

7 Churches of the Revelation

Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean as you walk where the apostle John carried out the Christian mission.

John received God’s word here in 95AD & wrote Revelation in the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse.

The first of the Seven Churches is written to have
labored hard & not fainted. Pivotal to Christianity’s development, there is much to see in this now famous archaeological site.

Smyrna (Izmir)
Visit the Agora in this second city to receive a letter John. His apprentice, Polycarp, was faithful until his death here in AD 155.

Referred to as the “Throne of Satan,” it was home to philosophers, scientists, fortune tellers & artists who created works like “the Altar of Zeus.”

Visit the remains of the church known for charity.

The capital of ancient Lydia was once the “richest
city in the world.” Here, see the Temple of Cybele & Diana which later became a church.

Philadelphia (Alasehir)
See an ancient wall from this steadfast city & the remains of a Byzantine basilica.

Walk the ancient streets that led to the seventh
church of Asia, called lukewarm by John.

European Reformation Tours

France & Switzerland

Journey from the north of Paris to the Swiss Alps to study Zwingli & Calvin. See their homes, universities, churches & cities of refuge.

Home of Protestant exiles from all over Europe. Visit the Auditoire De Calvin, the Protestant Lecture Hall, the Reformation Monument
& Calvin College.

A key Reformation city where Calvin defended himself before the presbytery.

Where Swiss reformation leader Ulrich Zwingli was born (1484).

One of the primary cities where the Reformation began in the 1500’s.

Where Calvin fled from persecution in Paris & wrote his first draft of the Institutes in 1535. Martin Bucer, a fellow Reformation leader, is buried here.


Stroll through beautiful medieval cities, visiting key sites in Luther’s life.

Home of Castle Church where the 95 Theses were posted.

Luther’s beloved hometown & where he spent his final moments.

Home to Luther House Museum & Wartburg Castle, where Luther took refuge from the Pope.

Where Luther studied, became a monk & was later ordained.

Home to the fortress Veste, site of his 1530 imprisonment.

See the Gutenberg Museum’s Gutenberg press & an original Bible.

In 1521, Luther denied the Catholic church here & refused to recant the Protestant doctrines.

Site of the Augsburg Confession, foundation of Lutheran doctrine.

England & Scotland

Gain insight into the lives of key Reformers – Wycliffe, Knox, Bunyan, Tyndale, the Wesleys & more.

John Knox’s House & Museum
Home of the leader of the Scottish Reformation & founder of the Presbyterian Church.

Wesley Chapel & Prayer Room
London’s nod to these Methodist reformers. Visit Wesley’s home &/or the Museum of Methodism.

Smithfield Market
London site where early Protestants were executed by the monarchy.

Walk Pilgrims’ Way
Historic route pilgrims followed from Winchester to the shrine of
St. Thomas Becket.

Birthplace of the Wesleys
Epworth is also home to Wesley Memorial Church.

John Bunyan Meeting House
Bedford home of the author of the famous allegorical masterpiece, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

University of Oxford
A center for Protestant influence.

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