Planning a Christian tour is perhaps one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences in a lifetime. Thanks to Fellowship Travel, it has never been so easy! Here are some the benefits of building your next Christian tour with Fellowship Travel:

1. Leaders Travel Free

With a minimum of 15 paying, you can include one or more free spots on the trip for the pastor, organizer, and/or spouses. This includes flights!

2. Custom Itineraries

Itineraries designed to integrate with your goals, experience &
interests, while working within your budget. We’ll include time for daily sermons & worship.

3. Planning & Travel Support

Your dedicated agent will walk you through the entire process, from brainstorming to free after-hours emergency service. Ask about travel insurance!

4. Flexible Billing

Special deadline needs? Just ask. You can also choose group billing, or participants can pay us directly.

5. Rock Star Guides

We only work with the best guides – knowledgeable, yet willing to adapt to the group leader’s direction.

6. Free Online Software

All your trip plans in one place – online registration templates & due date reminders, as well as financial, passenger & destination info.

The Tour Booking Process:

It’s easy to lead a spiritually-rewarding tour with our custom itineraries, free planning tools & customer service support. You can request a quote through our online booking engine or by contacting us at

It’s a big world. Get out there!
Your FTI Team