Whether you have an approved program for an existing course, are looking for someone to plan the logistics, or you have a dream for a future program (or find yourself somewhere in the middle), FTI is here to help you get your study tour off the ground.

Here are a few examples of trips we’ve organized in the past, including the unique hands-on & behind-the-scenes components that complemented the
field of study.

1. New Perspectives Through Journalism in Vietnam

Learn how perspective informs “truth & accuracy.” American students will collaborate with their Vietnamese counterparts on journalism assignments that will represent multiple perspectives. The group will find & write stories aimed at helping Americans better understand contemporary Vietnam & its people. Read the full itinerary here.

2. Preserving Culture in Tibet & Nepal

Explore the history of these nations & how it has effected the preservation of religious beliefs & practices. Also, consider the impact tourism’s commodification of ethnicity has had on the social, religious & economic landscape of these countries. Read the full itinerary here.

3. Combatting Human Threats to Biodiversity in Belize

Biodiversity in Belize is under attack on two fronts, in the rainforest & along the world-renowned reefs. Students visit a Mayan community in the rain forest to learn about the responsible use of natural resources. Then, they’ll investigate reef ecosystems with a local marine biologist. Read the full itinerary here.

4. Economy, Government & Culture in Cuba

Explore contemporary Cuba through site visits, meetings & interviews with
local residents. Students will learn about the country’s culture, political structure, domestic & foreign policies, as well as the importance of the Revolution in shaping Cuba’s modern identity. Read the full itinerary here.

5. Women’s Health in Tanzania

Every year over 300,000 women die as a result of pregnancy & childbirth because they do not have access to safe medical care. Students will gain greater insight into the practice of medicine in a developing country as well as the cultural perceptions surrounding medicine & medical care. Read the full itinerary here.

6. Public Education & Maori Culture in New Zealand

Students compare & contrast New Zealand’s education system to our own. Interacting with local faculty & students will provide a unique perspective on the integration of traditional & modern educational practices. Read the full itinerary here.

7. Sports Management in London

This program takes a look at various aspects of sports management in the professional, amateur & non-profit arenas. Students can tour stadiums, meet athletes & even get an insider’s look at Olympic training facilities. Read the full itinerary here.

8. Blue Zones in Italy

Seek to understand the lifestyles & mindset of people in Blue Zones, where the highest number of centenarians live. Students will meet centenarians & local experts to explore several theories of longevity. They’ll also have the opportunity to try their hands at baking bread traditionally consumed by shepherds. Read the full itinerary here.

9. Clean Energy in Iceland

Iceland produces the cleanest energy in the world! Students can learn how natural resources are used to produce energy while enjoying the country’s natural beauty. Sites include the third-largest geothermal power plant in the world, a geothermal bakery & a geothermal greenhouse. Read the full itinerary here.

It’s easy to lead a successful tour with our custom itineraries, free planning tools & customer service support. You can request a quote through our online booking engine or by contacting us at mail@fellowship.com.

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