The health and safety of our travelers is always our top priority, as we’ve supported our customers through major disruptions, including health concerns, civil unrest and environmental events for nearly 40 years.

In an effort to support our groups who are preparing for travel, we have put together this list of frequently asked questions to address some common concerns.

TIP: As a general rule, we recommend that any group not within a week of a non-refundable payment deadline or utilization date wait to see if a waiver is issued. If you cancel or change your itinerary before a waiver or exception has been issued, you may be giving up refunds the airline or ground service provider may offer.

1. I am concerned about traveling later this year, what should I do?

Our recommendation is to see how the situation develops before making any decisions. To help our travelers, we are in contact with both our airline and our ground partners. We will continue to monitor the situation, advocate on your behalf, and advise you about any new developments that would impact your trip.

2. My organization is concerned about the Coronavirus. Is there any way we can postpone our group’s trip?

Depending on your travel dates and the specific services you have booked, we may be able to rearrange your itinerary without incurring any fees. Please contact your agent for options.

3. If my organization decides to cancel our trip due to the Coronavirus, will we get a refund?

We are in contact with both our airline and our ground partners who are actively developing cancellation and rebooking policies as the situation evolves. We appreciate your patience as we advocate on your behalf to maximize refunds whenever possible.

In all other cases, any refund related to the cancellation of a trip will be managed under the terms and conditions of your sales agreement or fare rules of your individual ticket.     

4. What if we are traveling in less than 45 days?

If you are traveling to an area affected by the coronavirus and no travel waiver has been issued for your itinerary, we suggest delaying cancellation until the week of travel just in case a waiver is issued for your flights.  This will maximize your refund potential. If you are traveling to an area not yet affected by the coronavirus, standard terms and conditions would apply.

5. What happens if my destination country bans travel?

While the decision to offer refunds/free changes ultimately lies in the hands of the service provider, FTI will work with our partners to minimize the financial impact to your organization.

6. What requirements do I need to meet for my destination?

Some countries are not permitting U.S. travelers to enter. For those countries that are open, many have requirements for entry, as do the airlines. These requirements could include: proof of negative COVID test results from within 48 hours before departure, masks without valves, quarantine upon arrival, etc. Travelers will need to research airline, airport, & country requirements for travel.

For specific information on your destination’s requirements, look at the Travel Restrictions page on Sherpa and your airline’s website.

7. What if something happens on my tour?

Each of our tour organizers is supported by both on-the-ground contacts and our after-hours emergency helpline. As needed, they can facilitate additional support for groups on tour, assist with itinerary adjustments, and liaise with local and international authorities to help solve on-the-ground issues.

8. Should I purchase travel insurance?

If you have questions about the insurance coverage, visit our Insurance page or talk to an experienced Travelex agent at (844) 877-1889 and reference Plan Number 315A-1217.

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