This month our team is focusing on thoughtfulness. We’d love to hear your perspective. Tell us what being thoughtful means to you or how someone has shown you thoughtfulness in the past few months!  

Thoughtfulness: An Intrinsic Part of Our Core Values

Many us of see thoughtfulness as a function of kindness. Thoughtful people are kind. But, the concept is more powerful than that …
if you think about it.

To be truly service-focused, you must think critically about what the other person really needs, not what you want to offer or what you think they should want. Trustworthy people give careful consideration before they give their word, knowing that once they do, they must follow through. It’s impossible to be always improving if you don’t pause to thoughtfully contemplate your own weaknesses. And, being respectful of someone’s viewpoint or opinion requires thoughtful consideration of what life is like in their shoes.

In essence, being “thoughtful” requires one to fully think through the options before acting. It requires logic. It requires empathy. It requires conscience. It requires patience. Let’s make a concerted effort this month to be even more thoughtful than usual.  If everyone were more thoughtful, can you imagine the difference it would make in the world?!