Visiting the Holy Land is an extremely fulfilling experience, with endless opportunities to enrich your faith and energize your ministry. However, traveling to Israel requires planning ahead. Our new recommendation is to begin the process two full years in advance.

Securing Hotel Space

Israel tourism is booming and the demand for hotels is soaring above the current supply. Because of this, hotels are booking up more than a year in advance. To ensure your group stays together during your trip, we highly recommended booking your accommodations well ahead of time. FTI generally advises booking 18 months ahead of your desired travel dates.

According to Statista, international tourist arrivals in Israel are expected to increase by more than 17% in the next five years. Although the Israeli Tourism Ministry has been working hard to increase hotel room capacities throughout the country, it is difficult to keep up with demand, which is surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

Israel’s peak travel season is typically September to October and late March through April. During these months, the already limited hotel capacity is strained. If you are travelling with a large group or during the busy seasons, it is wise to book 24 months in advance. This will increase your chances of securing a room block. Hotels are also currently considering introducing a minimum of ten rooms before offering discounted group rates, so be sure to keep that in mind for future trips.

Cost Savings

Fellowship Travel prioritizes offering excellent value for your trip so we can be the best steward of your funds. One tip we give our customers is to book early. Being proactive not only increases your chances of finding space in your desired hotels, but also offers the opportunity to save.

When you travel is also key to keeping costs down. Prices for both airfare and ground travel tend to be higher during the summer months. To get the best deals, consider planning your trip between November and March, excluding Jewish and Christian holidays.

Like the U.S., Israel offers a number of great activities that are free of charge. Many are common sites for Holy Land tours – Mount of Olives and its Garden of Gethsemane, Shepherd’s Field, the Western Wall, the Via Dolorosa, and churches around the country. Other sites that you could choose to add in to your FTI tour include Haifa’s Bahá’í Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that extends up the northern slope of Mount Carmel; the Old City of Jaffa, where Simon the Tanner lived; and, of course, the Garden Tomb, an ancient tomb that fits the Biblical description of the site Jesus was buried. Your FTI Tour advisor will be happy to help you find the perfect mix of activities to fit with your unique travel goals and budget.

Traveling to Israel with FTI

At FTI, we handle all the details so that you can enjoy the exciting process of bringing your church family to the Holy Land. When choosing FTI, you have the opportunity to enjoy:

  • Experienced guides that are carefully chosen to fit your unique needs
  • Affordable flights thanks to our Top Account status with all major airlines
  • Custom Israel tour itineraries built just for you
  • The opportunity to add on destinations or plan short tours in connecting cities
  • Pre-arranged guaranteed departure tours
  • Our after-hours emergency helpline if you are ever in a pinch
  • & More!

Explore our Israel tour options for an idea of what your group is most interested in and FTI will take it from there. For pricing estimates, visit our Request a Quote page and one of our expert Travel Advisors will be reach out to help you find the best itinerary for the best price. Don’t wait to begin the planning process!  

If you are a new group leader, check out our blog post, Planning Your First Group Trip to Israel, for answers to our most frequently asked questions.