Welcome to the journey of leading your group on an Israel tour! We understand that this can be an overwhelming endeavor at times, so we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to get you started.

When should I start planning my Israel tour?

Because Israel typically starts booking up 18 months in advance, we recommend beginning the planning process two years before your desired travel dates. This will increase the chances of securing your preferred accommodations and one of our rock star guides.

When is the best time to visit Israel?

This largely depends on your preferences and priorities. Israel’s peak travel season is typically September to October and late March through April, particularly around Christian and Jewish holidays. Additionally, air and ground prices are usually the highest in the summer months, so the winter is when you’ll find lower costs and fewer crowds.

How many people make up a group?

While airlines consider 10+ people a group, Israeli hotels have increased the minimum this year due to the post-Covid surge in tourism. To get a group discount for hotels in Israel, you’ll need to book at least ten rooms. We recommend setting your recruiting goal higher than this minimum in case of any unexpected dropouts.

How can I customize my group’s itinerary?          

When booking with FTI, you have the freedom to create a custom tour tailored to meet the unique travel goals and budget of your group. Our exceptional Tour Advisors will collaborate with you to ensure that all your group’s priorities are incorporated. If you need some inspiration, our experienced team is delighted to offer suggestions.

What is the difference between guaranteed departures and group tours?

Guaranteed departure tours are pre-arranged tours that run regularly on set dates and take travelers through Israel’s highlights. For guaranteed departure tours, there is no risk of cancellation due to smaller group sizes. However, you will not be able to customize the itinerary, and you will likely be mixed in with other travelers.

Can I add destinations to my Israel tour?

Absolutely! If your group is interested in exploring more Biblical sites, you can always add on to your itinerary. We can even plan on long layovers that allow time for a tour in your connecting city. We have experience adding on destinations, including Egypt, Jordan, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and more! View our Tour Finder for sample itineraries to get inspired!

What is FTI’s tour booking process?

Book Israel tour with FTI

We are committed to making sure everything goes smoothly for you and your group, from the initial planning phase to the moment you touch down at home after your trip. Whether you are ready to start planning your Israel tour or have more questions, FTI is at your service. Contact us or visit our Request a Quote page to begin the process with one of our wonderful Travel Advisors!