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Educators Explore Program Possibilities in Iceland

Professors trekked through the inside of a glacier during an exploratory trip.
My name is Jenny Burkholder and I’m a Tour Coordinator at Fellowship Travel International (FTI). This January, I had the honor of hosting an amazing group of faculty and staff on an exploratory trip to Iceland. The group represented 13 colleges and universities across the country that were interested in developing a short-term program in Iceland. Together, we toured Reykjavik,...

Donations for Japan

Japanese Blossom
In honor of our Ticketing Agent, Mika, and her family and friends still living in Japan, we would like to provide some links where you can send donations to help the many Japanese families in need. The Japanese Red Cross is now accepting donations directly (via Google). Donations are calculated in Japanese yen. $20 = about 1600 yen. $1 of...