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Desert Lands of the Bible Webinar

Watch the Recorded Webinar (Password is jennifer.2020) DescriptionJoin FTI for an exciting lecture from esteemed archaeologist and Israeli tour guide, Dr. Yossi Paz, as he takes us on an archaeological tour in the Footsteps of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land across the deserts of Sinai, Negev, Edom, and the Judean Wilderness.

4-Star Israel Tours Starting from $1399

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or are an experienced Israel traveler who wants to rediscover the country, this itinerary will open your eyes to the splendors of the Holy Land. This guaranteed departure tour is for individuals who are interested in joining a group, with flexibility to add extra days before &/or after the tour.

New Virtual Program: Anthropology of Cultural Identity in Israel

FTI is proud to announce our new virtual study abroad program in Israel! This immersive virtual experience offers a unique journey through the cultural interactions between Western & Arab cultures, modern & traditional elements, Jews, Muslims, Christians & liberal atheists who are living together in Israel. Embark on a virtual journey into the heart of tensions between...

Holy Land Tours with Fellowship Travel

Pastor preaching to his congregation in Israel
Enhance your congregation’s understanding of the Scriptures & encourage them to connect on a deeper spiritual level through a custom-designed tour. First visit to the Holy Land? Start Here. Use this example as a starting point for your custom itinerary. Then, add options from...

Donations for Japan

Japanese Blossom
In honor of our Ticketing Agent, Mika, and her family and friends still living in Japan, we would like to provide some links where you can send donations to help the many Japanese families in need. The Japanese Red Cross is now accepting donations directly (via Google). Donations are calculated in Japanese yen. $20 = about 1600 yen. $1 of...

Return to the Land Media Kit

Israel needs our support! The past couple years have been brutal on the travel industry, and Israel is feeling the effects. We've created this media kit to help you mobilize your leaders & members of your ministry to lift Israel up through tourism. Use this kit with our compliments to promote travel to...

FTI Team’s Summer Trips

Learning to paddle board in Antigua
Our team lives and breathes travel. This passion for travel is what drives us to help others see & experience the world for themselves. During the summer, our team members caught up with old friends, took in the sights, & relaxed by the beach, in destinations around the globe. Here are a couple things they saw along the way: Jeremy &...

Digging Deeper: 20 Unique Ideas for an Immersive Israel Itinerary

There’s always something new to discover in Israel, from archaeological finds to cultural experiences. Here are a few ideas for an in-depth & interactive itinerary. Biblical/Historical In addition to the more well-known sites, there is plenty more to see when it comes to experiencing the lands of the Bible. Consider extending...

Benefits of Planning an Israel Tour with Fellowship Travel

Planning a group trip has never been so easy. Here are some the benefits of building your next Christian tour with Fellowship Travel

New Archaeological Finds in Israel

View the recorded webinar here. DescriptionJoin Fellowship Travel for an exciting LIVE lecture from esteemed archaeologist and Israeli tour guide, Roni Winter, as he unveils archaeological findings in Israel related to early Christianity. SpeakerRoni Winter, an Israeli archeologist, is a specialist in cultural, spiritual, biblical and ethno-anthropological tours. As Chief Guide...