• Romania


Since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe twenty years ago, life for Romanians has continued to be very difficult. Particularly in northwest Romania, where unemployment & education drop-out rates are very high, access to medical care is limited, families struggling with crisis receive little or no help, & homelessness is reality for far too many families. These prolonged conditions have left many of the Romanian people feeling helpless & hopeless. 

Come help the people of northwest Romania by working with any of 20 projects that meet immediate, urgent needs, while providing long-term solutions. For most teams, members will rotate from one project to the next each day. Team members are encouraged to rotate projects in order to broaden their volunteer trip experience. 


Dropout rates in Romania are extremely high due to poor educational quality & lack of motivation to stay in school. Children & teenagers are in need of positive role models & interesting, innovative ways of learning course material. Educational volunteer tasks include:
  • Assist kindergarten, primary school & middle school children with daily school activities & homework.
  • Plan special activities for children with disabilities.
  • Teach children biblical principles & Scripture through our partner’s VBS program.

Social & Community Work

Often times, the most overlooked people in impoverished communities are the elderly, single mothers & individuals with specials needs. Your group can offer support to these community groups in a number of ways:
  • Prepare & deliver special packages of food, clothing & other necessities for impoverished families in need.
  • Spend time working with mothers and children at the center for victims of domestic abuse.
  • Work with mothers operating a Craft Project to help generate funds to support their families.
  • Assist with special programs designed to help the elderly, homeless & those with disabilities.


Sports volunteer tasks include:
  • Assist with special sports programs working with children including soccer, tennis & other sports.


Our partner’s 50,000 square foot greenhouse grows more than 250,000 plants per year. Many of these plants are purchased by the government & placed around the city.
  • Seed, fertilize & water plants.
  • Assist with planting & learn to grow veggies in polytunnels - small, hoop-shaped greenhouses.

Dental & Optometry

Dental & vision care are desperately lacking amongst all Romanians.  Medical professionals are needed to deliver exams & treatments at our partner’s established dental & optometry clinics. The centers offers free glasses to patients as well as a variety of tests & medicine. 
  • Provide preventative & restorative dental care.
  • Test patients’ refraction, acuity, binocular vision & overall eye health at our partner's eye clinic.
  • Assemble custom frames & lenses for patients.
  • Assist with on-site glasses manufacturing.


Your team can work to repair or construct a home for disabled children, elderly care facilities or houses. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians & builders are welcome, but any help from willing hands is appreciated. 
  • Serve as part of the tear-down crew, paving the way for new houses & facilities.
  • Reconstruct or paint walls.
  • Run wire & electrical cable.
  • Install carpet & flooring.
  • Restore waste & water systems.

Optional Pre/Post-Project Tours

  • Budapest - Spend a couple days in one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.
  • Wonderful sightseeing in northwest Romania - Sites include: Romanian castles, famous monasteries, Baroque Palace & many Orthodox cathedrals.
  • The Transylvania Mountains - Chalets & other vacation destinations are very popular among tourists.