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A grand historic, cultural, & scenic experience. This 15-day tour invites you to discover the heritage of the Jewish people in Jerusalem, Safed, Tiberius, & other cities across the Holy Land. See ancient ruins built by King Herod the Great, experience Bedouin hospitality, & learn about the Kibbutz culture. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit Jordan’s Petra, one of the world’s most astonishing architectural treasures. 

This tour is offered every Wednesday. 


  • Safed – The heartland of Kabbalah.
  • Tiberias – Home to the tomb of 12th-century Jewish Rabbi Maimonides.
  • Mount Scopus – Receive a blessing on the mount.
  • Jerusalem – Jewish Quarter, Mount Zion, Western Wall Tunnels, Tower of David, Jaffa Gate, & more.
  • Qumran – Site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
  • Timna – Situated in the Negev desert. Features the massive rock pillars of King Solomon.
  • Eilat – See a wide variety of aquatic wildlife at the city’s renowned aquarium.
  • Petra – Features incredible works of desert-rock architecture.
  • Sde Boker – Home to the burial site of Israel’s first Prime Minister.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Tel Aviv

Arrive at the airport, & transfer to the hotel. Spend the remainder of the day at leisure. 

Day 2: Tel Aviv – Latrun – Tel Aviv

Visit Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall. Afterward, travel outside the city to Latrun. Tour Mini Israel, which features miniature models of the Western Wall & other historic sites. Visit the Armored Corps Memorial Site & Museum, where you’ll see more than one hundred military vehicles. Other highlights of the Latrun tour include the Ayalon Institute. Return to Tel Aviv for dinner & an overnight stay. 

Day 3: Tel Aviv – Jaffa – Tel Aviv

After breakfast, visit Rabin Square, where in 1995 Israel’s leader was assassinated. Explore The Museum of the Jewish People. Head to Jaffa afterward. Visit the Artist’s Quarter, & see the city’s ancient ruins. Enjoy time for shopping in Tel Aviv's oldest neighborhood, Neve Tzedek. Return to the hotel in Tel Aviv, & enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure. 

Day 4: Tel Aviv

Spend the day at leisure. 

Day 5: Tel Aviv – Caesarea – Haifa – Acre – Rosh Hanikra

Travel to Caesarea this morning to see the ancient aqueduct & Roman theatre. Head to Mount Carmel afterward for a brief visit. Visit the Clandestine Immigration & Naval Museum in Haifa. Next, head to Acre to see its old harbor & explore the local market. Today’s journey ends in Rosh Hanikra. Upon arrival, ride a cable car down to the limestone caves. 

Day 6: Rosh Hanikra – Safed – Golan Heights

Discover the heartland of Kabbalah, the city of Safed. Take a walk through the Artists Quarter, visit the 15th-century Abuhav Synagogue, & see the Crusader ruins. Afterward, take off in a 4 x 4, heading to the Golan Heights region. Highlights of the drive include the spring of Banias, a former Syrian military camp, & the hill where the Battle of Tel Hai took place. Later today, experience the Kibbutz culture.  

Day 7: Golan Heights – Tiberias – Beit She’an – Beth Alpha – Gan HaShlosha – Jerusalem

Enjoy a visit to Tiberias, home to the tomb of 12th-century Jewish Rabbi Maimonides. See the ancient Roman baths while exploring the Beit She’an archaeological site. Visit the Beth Alpha synagogue, revered for its mosaics. Head to Gan HaShlosha National Park, & enjoy time for swimming. Afterward, make your way to the city of Jerusalem. Receive a blessing at Mount Scopus upon arriving. 

Day 8: Jerusalem

Enjoy a guided tour of Jerusalem’s Old City today. Visit the Jewish Quarter & its Sephardic synagogues. See the Western Wall Tunnels, tour the museum at the Tower of David, & walk along the Cardo. Other highlights include the Jaffa Gate, Mount Zion, the tomb of King David, & shopping at the bazaar.

Day 9: Jerusalem

Visit the Western Wall this morning. Learn about the culture of Haredi Judaism afterward as you visit the Mea Shearim community. Or, remain at the Western Wall to celebrate your kin’s bar/bat mitzvah ceremony (optional). Later today you’ll visit the Israel Museum, home to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Other highlights of today’s tour include Ammunition Hill, the Yad Vashem memorial, & the Knesset.

Day 10: Jerusalem – Qumran – Masada – Jerusalem

This morning, see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. After visiting Qumran, ascend up to Masada by cable car. At the top of the massive rock sits the ancient ruins built by King Herod the Great. Enjoy lunch & treatments at an Israeli spa before heading back to Jerusalem. 

Day 11: Jerusalem

Spend the day at leisure.

Day 12: Jerusalem – Timna – Eilat

Drive through the Negev Desert to Timna, a historic copper mining site. Amongst other rock formations, you’ll see the massive rock pillars of King Solomon. Next, visit the aquarium in Eilat. Enjoy dinner & an overnight stay in the city.  

Day 13: Eilat – Petra – Eliat

Spend the day at leisure in Eilat, or visit Petra for the day. Cross the border into Jordan, & journey to the Siq, the entryway to Petra. You’ll be amazed as you discover the incredible structures situated on the other end of this massive gorge. Highlights include the Treasury, the Roman theatre, & the Palace of Pharaoh’s daughter. Return to Eilat after lunch. 

Day 14: Eilat – Sde Boker – Hatzerim – Tel Aviv

Enjoy a visit to the Ramon Crater on the way to Ben Gurion’s burial site in Sde Boker. Later today, experience Bedouin hospitality. Ride camels in the desert, learn about the Bedouin way of life, & enjoy traditional foods. Explore the Israeli Air Force Museum in Hatzerim before returning to Tel Aviv. 

Day 15: Tel Aviv – USA

Transfer to the airport, & board return flight home. 

Other Itinerary Ideas

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