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International literature displayed at the Havana Book Fair.

27th Havana Book Fair 2018

Each year, in February & March, Cuba showcases thousands of novels, poems & children's books from both Cuban & international writers. Your group can walk through exhibits, sit in on poetry readings & meet authors. Work with us to create an educational trip tailor-made for your group.

Cuban people walking through Havana’s colorful streets.

Custom People-to-People Trips to Cuba

Plan a group trip to Cuba to learn about its culture & history by interacting with authors, artisans & other residents. You can stay in Havana or travel to nearby provinces to explore sites that have inspired authors. You can see the possessions Hemingway left in his room at the Ambos Mundos Hotel, his favorite haunts, his farm & yacht, then take a quick trip to Cojímar to see the former fishing village that inspired his most famous work.

>> View People-to-People Cruise Itinerary
Oxford University, the former home of the annual Oxford Literary Festival in England.

Oxford Literary Festival

Each year, the Oxford Literary Festival brings together some of the greatest academic, scientific & cultural figures of our time. This 9-day festival is held March 23 - 29, 2018 at Worcester College. You can sit in on lectures or participate in forums on topics ranging from religion & literature to the culinary arts.

A woman in Europe sitting in a cafe reading a book.

Literary Tours in Europe

Journey to the home of some of the most prominent literary minds of all time. England's history is brimming with writers whose talent has produced a veritable tidal wave of influential literature. From Shakespeare to the Brontë sisters, Chaucer to Dickens, the work of these visionaries is sure to inspire.

Choose to romp through the streets of London, imagining the best & worst of times, or visit Wordsworth's home, on the shores of Grasmere in the Lake District. The story is yours to write. Each trip with FTI is customized to fit your needs & educational focus. Look below to view some of our sample itineraries & start planning your trip today!

Contemporary art incorporating boats at an art exhibition similar to Biennale in Venice, Italy.

57th Biennale International Art Exhibition

Since 1895, artists from all over the globe have gathered every two years in Venice, Italy to showcase their work. More than 50 countries will be represented at the exhibition, titled "Viva Arte Viva." Take a group between May 13 – November 26, 2017 to admire artwork that will evoke curiosity, emotion & reflection.

The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy lit up at night.

Custom Group Tours in Italy

For centuries, Italy has been known for its influential artists. Learn about the country's unparalleled artistic heritage as you explore historic sites, see magnificent architecture.

Create a private tour of Italy for your group that can be designed to suit the needs, budget & special interests of your participants. We can incorporate events like the Biennale into one of our sample itineraries or create a new one just for you.

African drumming during Panafest in Accra, Ghana.

Pan African Historical Theatre Festival

Travel to Accra, Ghana between July 25 - August 2, 2017 to experience Panafest - a biennial cultural event featuring international performing & visual artists from across the continent. The Pan African Historical Theatre Project provides a forum to promote the development of the continent as well as unity between Africans & people of African descent.

Your group will be immersed in art & culture as you learn about the rich traditions of the people of Africa through theatrical reenactments, music, dance, art & fashion.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is a historic site in Accra, Ghana where Panafest will be taking place.

Custom Group Tours in Ghana

In addition to the Panafest events, your group can explore historical & cultural landmarks in Accra, Kumasi & Elmina. Or, take the opportunity to visit villages to interact with the local people & learn about their daily life.

Are you ready to travel with your heart instead of your feet? Let the intensity of the traditional drumming & dances touch your soul as the residents teach you how its done. Participate in a special naming ceremony. (Yes! You can receive your own tribal name.) Or, choose to attend a special atonement ceremony where villagers wash the feet of slave descendants in a symbolic apology for the acts of their ancestors.

There are so many ways to become a part of these communities, even if it is for just a short while. Let us know what interests you & we'll create the perfect itinerary for your group.

Student street performer playing the trumpet in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Fringe Festival – the world's largest arts festival.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Travel to Scotland's capital to experience the world's largest arts festival. This will be the 70th time thousands of performers from around the world will gather here for three weeks in August. Last year, there were 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues!

Your group will be immersed in the arts as you stroll past the many street performances throughout the city. Groups can also purchase tickets to a wide variety of shows including: theatre, comedy, dance, circus, cabaret, musicals, opera, poetry, exhibitions & more.

And, if you're worried about accessibility, don't. This event is highly focused on "access to the performance." Access includes, but is not limited to, British Sign Language interpretation, audio description, captioning & relaxed performances. Please ask your agent if anyone in your group is in need of these services.

A view of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, the location for the Fringe Festival.

Custom Tours Through Scotland

Scotland is known for its lush landscapes, dotted with both imposing historic castles & quaint stone cottages. But, its down-to-earth people are where the country really shines. Take some time to venture out into the countryside to interact with the locals to learn more about the rich culture & history of this enchanting land.

Or, choose to keep to the cities, if you prefer. From the rocky hills of Edinburgh (one of Europe's most beautiful cities) to the quaint town of Iverness (made famous by its shyest loch-dwelling resident), Scotland has an abundance of charming locales waiting to be discovered.

Wherever you decide to go, don't forget to taste the local fare (regardless of what you may have heard about Scottish cuisine). Sure, the country has more than its share of crowded pubs, but you'll also find a wonderful array of decadent restaurants & fabulous little pastry shops as well.

Just let us know where your interests lie & we'll create the perfect itinerary for you.