Flights for Group Travel

Fellowship Travel is a travel agency that specializes in non-profit group travel. As a result, our customers benefit from both our private contracts & strong negotiating power (due to our high volume). Since we know every penny counts, our goal is to provide you with the best value on group airline tickets, as well as additional services.

2 ways to SAVE

Book Early

If you have an upcoming trip, touch base with your agent as soon as possible. As seats fill up, prices will rise, so booking early can definitely save you money.

Be Flexible

Group travel rates are based on how full the flights are. So, checking another date, time or airport may open up flights with more availability, & thus, lower airfares. So, let your travel agent know if your plans are flexible.

Individual vs. Group Airfare

The pricing you see online is not available for groups. In fact, airlines limit these fares to instant purchases for less than 10 seats. You may be able to purchase a few seats online at the lowest fare, but when you try to add seats, the airfare increases or the flight could be sold out. Also, if you try to purchase group space through multiple individual transactions, the airlines' have the right to cancel your seats.

Purchasing group flights online

Put Our Negotiating Power to Work for You

The volume we generate has earned us Top Account status with several of the major international airlines. This means we have been assigned specific representatives with whom we can negotiate on your behalf, securing lower airfares, better deadline schedules & special favors that are not available to other most agencies.

Requesting group flights online

Group Flight Booking Process

Many people think that booking group flights is just like purchasing individual airline tickets. On the contrary, not only is the pricing different, so is the booking process. So, it's important to have an advocate with buying power that will negotiate the best group airfare & contract terms on your behalf.

You can request a quote by contacting your agent directly or submitting an online quote request. While seats for 1-9 passengers must be paid in full at the time of booking, group space can be contracted & held for several months with only a deposit. To secure the lowest cost for your group, FTI will negotiate with our dedicated airline representative & give you a quote on confirmed group space. That means that the airline is contractually obligated to that base fare, & in some cases, even the fuel cost. Typically, deposits are due within two weeks of booking the space, & final names/payment are due 45-60 days before travel. However, deadlines, like fares, can often be negotiated prior to going to contract. Just let us know the needs of your group.

Your FTI Team

Each group is assigned a team to manage your trip from start to finish. This process provides a variety of benefits, including: multiple points of contact within FTI, several layers of quality control, hands-on service, & most importantly, a worry-free planning process for you.