Custom Study Tours for Business Students

FTI works with faculty leaders to engage undergrad & graduate-level business students through custom tours. We integrate professional visits, experiential learning activities & sites of interest with your course curriculum.

Your tour will be designed to meet your program's unique goals, so we encourage you to share your vision with us. But, if you'd like some help brainstorming or want to get an idea of our capabilities, take a look at the "Ideas for Business Programs" below.


A unique combination of visits, hands-on experiences & behind-the-scenes access tailored to match your program curriculum.


Decades of experience planning international group travel for universities, in partnership with fully-vetted ground service providers.


Complete array of travel services, including: flights, tours, coach, meals, accommodations, rail, cruises & travel insurance.

Custom Tour Components

In addition to handling trip logistics & arranging visits to the typical sites, we can facilitate a variety of interactive activities. Build your own program by packaging any or all of these services.

Group Flights

In-country & international flights

Event Tickets

Performances, festivals & sporting events


Hotels, hostels, tented camps & more

Meetings & Site Visits

Networking, lectures & behind-the-scenes


Half-board, full-board & group dinners

Cultural Immersion

Cook, dance & make local handicrafts

Ground Transportation

Airport transfers, coach & rail

Service Projects

Volunteer with sustainable NGOs

Group Cruises

Commercial, windjammer & river cruise

Travel Insurance

Medical & comprehensive policies

Ideas for Business Programs

Here are just a few examples of the type of activities we can arrange for your faculty-led tour. If you have any additional ideas, let us know. We would love to arrange some unique options for your next short-term program.

View of Victoria Harbor and the city's business district on the island of Hong Kong – an autonomous territory of China with a capitalist economy.

Economics & Finance

  • Finance - Meet with a member of upper management in a Swiss Bank to discuss international banking practices.
  • Macro-Economics - Meet with a member of Britain's Parliament to discuss key issues in British politics & the impact on the UK's economy.
  • Globalization - Attend a lecture with a professor in Sao Paulo on the implications of the recent international sporting events on Brazil's economy.
  • Economics - In Tokyo, visit the world's second largest stock exchange by market capitalization.
  • Micro-Finance - Visit with a non-profit organization in Guatemala that gives business loans to help entrepreneurs finance their startups.
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Trafalgar Square's central location in London, in the City of Westminster, makes it a great meeting place for student groups.


  • Sports Marketing - Visit a soccer stadium & look at how the team's events & products are promoted through various sectors.
  • Non-Profit Marketing - Visit with local businesses & a local NGO for a comparative study of marketing within the non-profit & for-profit sectors.
  • Retail Marketing - Meet with the Marketing team of a major retailer in London to understand their marketing & media strategies.
  • Awareness Marketing - Work with local conservationists to create a campaign to promote the benefits of living in harmony with protected species in South Africa.
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Business students will enjoy a visit to the Arc de Triomphe (shown here at night) on the Champs-Élysées, in Paris a key area to study tourism, hotel management and hospitality.


  • General Management - Meet with the management team of a tulip farm in the Netherlands to discuss their management structure & business operations.
  • Hospitality/Hotel Management - In Paris, meet the general managers of a major international hotel & a boutique hotel for comparative study.
  • Operations Management - Meet the owner of a coffee plantation in Tanzania to discuss factory operations, supply chain, contracts, international sales, distribution & more.
  • General Management - Meet with executives in the oil & gas industry in Azerbaijan to discuss globalization challenges.
  • Sustainable Tourism/Hotel Management - In Borneo, Malaysia, meet with the owner of one of National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World to discuss the challenges of balancing customer service & profitability with conservation, green operations & protection of cultural heritage.
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Panoramic view including the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a great destination for business students to gain personal insight into globalization after hosting variety of international events this decade.

Other Business Activities

  • Business Law - Meet with a law firm to look at legal practices within the business sector.
  • Sustainability - Visit a charity to look at sustainability within the business sector.
  • Entrepreneurship - Meet with a local entrepreneur &/or non-profit founder to discuss the steps to launching a successful new business.
  • Non-Profit/Women in Business - Meet the female founder of an NGO who's advancing women's empowerment in Tanzania through B to B sales of Maasai handicrafts.
  • International Business - Visit an international shipping company in Singapore.
  • Information Systems - Visit the Dublin office of a major U.S. IT company & tour a manufacturing plant.
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Student volunteering with members of a Maasai tribe in Tanzania as part of a service-learning project.

Create a Service-Learning Project

Collaborate with us to design a service-learning project that complements your curriculum. Give your students the chance to put their business skills to work as they build upon ongoing initiatives with local NGOs. Students will increase their global competency & enhance their resumes through hands-on experience in their discipline.