Custom Study Tours for the Natural Sciences

FTI excels at the science of creating engaging international study programs. We work with professors to create custom itineraries for faculty-led trips that integrate visits with professionals in your field, hands-on activities & sites of interest to create experiential programs that immerse your students in your course curriculum.

Our tours are designed to meet your program's academic goals, so we encourage you to share your vision with us. If you'd like to experiment with some different activities, use the "Ideas for Science Programs" section below to brainstorm for programs on Biology, Geology, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Wildlife Conservation & more.


Get your students out in the field to engage in experiential activities tailored to your curriculum & meet with local experts.


Work with travel professionals experienced in serving university groups, in partnership with fully-vetted in-country service providers.


Save time & money by packaging travel services: flights, tours, coach, meals, accommodations, cruises, rail & travel insurance.

Custom Tour Components

In addition to handling trip logistics & arranging visits to the typical sites, we can facilitate a variety of interactive activities. Build your own program by packaging any or all of these services.

Group Flights

In-country & international flights

Event Tickets

Performances, festivals & sporting events


Hotels, hostels, tented camps & more

Meetings & Site Visits

Networking, lectures & behind-the-scenes


Half-board, full-board & group dinners

Cultural Immersion

Cook, dance & make local handicrafts

Ground Transportation

Airport transfers, coach & rail

Service Projects

Volunteer with sustainable NGOs

Group Cruises

Commercial, windjammer & river cruise

Travel Insurance

Medical & comprehensive policies

Ideas for Science Programs

Here are just a few examples of FTI's capabilities for custom educational tours. Talk to one of our tour coordinators about any ideas you may have for your next short-term study abroad program.

Science students get hands-on-experience working in wildlife conservation with endangered sea turtles in Central America.


  • Evolutionary Biodiversity - Use field research techniques to investigate key behavioral & ecological questions as you track endangered mountain gorillas & chimpanzees through Uganda.
  • Integrative Biology - Study vertebrate & invertebrate animals in the Galapagos Islands & discuss the effect of tourism on the island with residents.
  • Plant Biology - Explore the Costa Rican rain forest with a local naturalist to learn about conservation, monitor population of species & learn about the symbiotic relationship between plants & animals.
  • Marine Biology - Visit the Marine Wildlife Training Center in El Salvador to learn about the local mission to protect the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles during a field methodology course.
  • Health - Conduct interviews with centenarians & meet with local doctors in the Blue Zone on the island of Ikaria, Greece.
  • Genetics - Meet with a global leader in human genome research in Iceland & learn about their discoveries of genetic risk factors for a variety of common diseases from cardiovascular disease to cancer.
  • Ornithology - Join a local naturalist to explore Akagera National Park in Rwanda, home to 525 bird species (the highest concentration of birds per square kilometer of any national park in Africa).
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Student groups can explore Langjokull Ice Tunnel in Iceland during a study tour.

Earth Sciences

  • Geological Research & Climate Change - Meet with scientists at an active Antarctic research station. Observe iceberg formations & wildlife, including: seabirds, seals & whales.
  • Geology/Mining - Explore one of the Cerro Rico Mountain silver mines in Bolivia to learn about mining techniques.
  • Geophysics - Trek into a volcano; hike on a glacier; stand between two tectonic plates; & explore the Langjökull ice tunnel in Iceland.
  • Hydrology - Participate in projects focused on reducing soil erosion on local farms & rain water catchment in Tanzania.
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Biology students can explore the forest canopy using the tree top suspension bridges of the Sky Walk in Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Ecology & Environmental Studies

  • Behavioral Ecology - Monitor & test hypotheses for individual & group behaviors as you work with researchers in the African bush. See how the Maasai live in harmony with their land.
  • Ecology - Learn about aquatic ecosystems & how to analyze water quality through hands-on activities at a Costa Rican ecology education program.
  • Geothermal Energy - Learn how they use geothermal heat to bake bread & grow organic vegetables while visiting a geothermal bakery & organic greenhouse in Iceland.
  • Green Movement - Meet with an expert in Tasmania to learn how advocates of hydro-electric power kick-started the modern Green Movement world-wide.
  • Sustainability - Visit a local coffee farm to learn about sustainable agriculture & fair trade in Honduras.
  • Sustainability - Visit with a charity that works with businesses to improve their green credentials through sustainability.
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Science professors and students can work hands-on with lions at a wildlife conservation project in Zimbabwe.

Wildlife Conservation

  • Big 5 Research & Conservation - Monitor nighttime movements & behaviors of the prides, assist with game counts & enter data to be shared with local researchers.
  • Elephant Conservation - Attend a lecture with conservation experts at an Elephant Orphanage in the Maasai Mara.
  • Lion Conservation - Work hands-on with the lions & conduct vital research alongside the conservation education team in Zimbabwe's Antelope Park.
  • Sea Turtle Conservation - Participate in a Sri Lankan conservation project, caring for the center's turtles, performing night patrols & collecting eggs from nests on the beach to protect them from being sold in the market.
  • Tasmanian Devils - Tour a sanctuary to learn about animal husbandry from their captive breeding program manager & receive lessons in the field on setting up traps & camera stations for the monitoring program.
  • Marine Wildlife Conservation - At an aquatic project, created by the King of Thailand, students learn about marine wildlife conservation, diving, sea surveying & awareness education.
  • Zoology - Behind-the-scenes access to the Australia Zoo to learn more about their conservation efforts first-hand.
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Study the Northern Lights, created by the Earth's magnetic field and solar winds, during a faculty-led trip to Iceland.

Other Science Activities

  • Agriculture - Meet with researchers at the Ghana Institute who are developing by-products of cocoa & other crops to diversify utilization & generate additional income for farmers.
  • Organic Agriculture - Get hands-on experience with organic agricultural techniques & learn the traditional method for extracting sugar cane on a local farm in Costa Rica.
  • Chemistry of Wine Making - Study the process of wine making from vine planting to harvesting through fermentation & bottling at a vineyard in Australia. Work in the lab to create your own blend.
  • Space Science - Learn how solar winds react with the Earths' magnetic field to create the Northern Lights & meet with specialists from the Science Institute of the University of Iceland to learn about their research on the Aurora Borealis.
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Volunteer working with a baby rhino at a wildlife conservation program in Africa.

Create a Service-Learning Project

Give your students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their discipline by incorporating a service project into your trip. Examples include: soil erosion, water catchment, wildlife conservation, carbon offsets & more. Partner with us to design a unique service-learning program at one of our project sites.