• Thailand


Chiang Mai is the gem of northern Thailand. It is the area’s most culturally significant & largest city. It is home to many renowned Thai festivals, restaurants & museums, not to mention it is situated in the mountains alongside the scenic Ping River. Though tourism has brought a lot of economic development to the area, it has also put a strain on the city’s resources. Chiang Mai struggles with unplanned urban sprawl & providing public works for its residents. For this reason, volunteers are welcome in Chiang Mai as they help some of the city’s more disadvantaged populations. 
Note: We have grouped available projects into a broad category based on the scope of their work. However, many of these programs overlap in their overall goals & objectives or go beyond the work listed here. So, if you are interested in a particular projects or tasks, please inquire more about specific projects & itineraries. 

Specialized Project: Orphan & Early Child Care

Volunteer at a child care facility for less fortunate & orphaned children in Thailand’s Chiang Mai region. Some of these children are in the earliest stages of their lives (less than 4 years old), & others are older with the ability to learn technical skills. These children are in great need of support, & there are a variety of activities in which volunteers can participate.
Some of the most common volunteer activities include: 
  • Assisting the children in developing good communication skills;
  • Leading children in exercise routines to encourage an active & healthy lifestyle;
  • Working alongside teachers during pre-school classes;
  • Leading & assisting with fun & educational activities (i.e. games, arts & crafts, sports, music);
  • Helping with activities for the physically disabled;
  • Teaching basic computer skills;
  • Assisting children with their homework.

Specialized Project: Education

Participants work with the local community to improve the quality of education & care in day care centers, special institutions, & regular schools.
Among some of the responsibilities common to volunteers:
  • Tutoring;
  • Preparing teaching materials;
  • Teaching basic subjects, like mathematics & literacy, with creative lessons;
  • Providing additional support to those students who have fallen behind;
  • Organizing recreational activities;
  • Maintenance of institutional facilities.

Specialized Program: Caring for the Elderly

Give a helping hand to elders in need within a local community in Chiang Mai. There are many ways in which volunteers can help to aid the process of their daily routines & assist in creating a comfortable & pleasant environment. 
Activities may include: 
  • Assisting with daily hygiene routines (i.e. bathing, brushing teeth, shaving);
  • Helping with other domestic tasks (i.e. washing clothes, making beds);
  • Assisting with transportation of elderly around & within the facility;
  • Feeding those who need assistance;
  • Spending time socializing with them;
  • Leading activities for exercise & entertainment.


  • International flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Half day orientation on the work involved & important cultural considerations
  • All relevant materials for improvement of community facilities as per the need assessment
  • All meals during the working days
  • English speaking translator/guide for the entire duration of the program