• England


Discover London, the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s most foremost financial hubs. Despite its historic character, the city’s continued development makes London the perfect destination to learn about construction science. Stop by active construction sites, visit with industry executives, and learn the ins and outs of the development process, all while experiencing the rich London cultural scene. 


  • Construction Site Visits – Witness development in-action as you pay a visit to some of the ongoing construction projects happening around the city.
  • Industry Meet and Greets - From development to litigation, meet with the officials and representatives that know the ins and outs of the construction process and tricks of the trade.
  • Tower of London Opening Ceremony – Get special access to this the renowned Opening Ceremony of the Tower of London; learn about how a national icon, like the Tower, was built in the 11th century.
  • Explore the English Countryside (optional) – See how development and growth occurs outside of the city limits; also, take some time to relax in the slower pace of the countryside.
  • University Visit – See where some of the U.K.’s great minds studied and enhanced their trade.


Day 1: London

Upon arrival, your private coach will transfer you to your hotel where you will drop off luggage. After a short orientation session, set off for your guided tour of London.  See some of the amazing sites the city of London has to offer.

Day 2: London

You will head out this morning for your first site visit to one of Europe’s leading investment, property, and development company project properties.  Just as if you were part of a development team, walk around the construction zone alongside the Officer Manager and teammates, as you learn more about the range of wide-scale development the company oversees around the country. 
This afternoon, witness the minds behind the design process. You will stop in to one of the London’s major multinational architectural firms where you will meet with company professionals.  These industry veterans will give you an overview of their own projects while offering insight into the technical side of planning.  

Day 3: London

This morning starts with your visit to The Building Center, a nonprofit that today promotes innovation in the built environment. Explore the center’s exhibits and chat with some of the advisors on campus. As part of your stop at the center, you will have the chance to also see the New London Architecture Center for The Built Environment perhaps best known for its living 3-D model of London, updated to reflect the city’s development as it unfolds.
Enjoy an afternoon/evening at your leisure.

Day 4: London

Pack your PPE gear; you’ll be heading to another property development site today, this time in the heart of London.  Learn more about the obstacles that come with inner-city development, such as noise and access restrictions or planning limitations. Hear first-hand how these issues impact the development team. You will also be introduced to topics of finance and budget, important elements to executing a project of this size.
Following some free time for lunch, head to the Monticello House for a lecture from an industry professional.  Hear from a practitioner well versed in the field. Be sure to come with questions to guarantee an engaging dialogue!
This evening is at your leisure. 

Day 5: London

Housing prices in highly desirable and rapidly developing cities, like London, can often create a crisis of affordable housing. Residents are priced out of the urban market and first-time buyers have difficulty entering the housing market. Today you will visit one of the affordable housing development projects to witness what city and state officials are doing to combat the issue. After the tour, speak with some of the project representatives from affordable housing organizations to hear more about the nuance of the issues. 
This evening, you’ll have the chance to participate in an affordable housing industry networking event, a great chance to discuss the issues in a more relaxed setting. 

Day 6: London

Start your morning with a special excursion to the Tower of London. While many have heard of the Tower’s Ceremony of the Keys, few know that there is more than just the one evening ceremony. The morning Ceremony of the Keys is closed to public, but you will have the privilege of an exclusive viewing of the ritual.  Following the ceremony, take time to explore the Tower grounds on your own, like the Crown Jewels exhibit, the White Tower, or the famous ravens.
Enjoy a free afternoon and evening. 

Day 7: London

Enjoy a full day at your leisure. You may choose to roam the English countryside and experience life outside the city, or perhaps you would like to sightsee via the renowned red double-decker buses.  More activity options are available for add-on.

Day 8: London

Depart for Cambridge on your private coach. Located 50 miles north of London, Cambridge sits on the banks of the river Cam.  This picturesque city is perhaps best known for being home to the famous university, and namesake, Cambridge University. Some of the world’s most famous personalities studied at Cambridge University, including Stephen Hawkings, Charles Darwin, and Sir Isaac Newton. You will have some time to explore the city before you head to the day’s site visit. At the urban development site, you will learn about the project, the company, and meeting with the Project Manager. Then, tour the project site. This evening will be at your leisure. 

Day 9: London

Today starts with a visit to the Electrical Contractors Association, UK’s leading trade association. The ECA represents the interests of the contractors who specialize in all elements of electrical industry. During your visit, ECA representatives will explain more about the industry, its regulations, and the training required to get into the field. 
After some free time for lunch, you will get to tour a top integrate project and program management consultancies, including an interactive training session. The evening is at your leisure.

Day 10: London

See London through the eyes of an architect. This morning, meet your guide and set off for your architectural walking tour of the city. Your guide, who specializes in architectural tours, will point out unique building designs, contrasting architecture, and how the look and feel of the city has evolved over time. Along the tour you will see Gherkin, the Cheesegrater, and the Walkie Talkie and many of London’s iconic buildings.
This afternoon, learn more about the legal side of construction in the UK during your visit to a construction law company. You’ll be able to spend time with lawyers and experts all of whom are well versed in the construction industry. Enjoy a free evening.

Day 11: London

Building on yesterday’s visit to the construction law company, today you’ll hear from veterans at a construction litigation firm.  You’ll have the chance to learn about specific litigation cases that will introduce you to the laws and regulations that guide UK development. 
Following lunch, you will have the chance to visit the first sustainable community in the UK. You tour will provide a history of community developing, including planning and construction, as well as a look at how the community has progressed. This evening is at your leisure.

Day 12: London

Today, go on site with one of London’s construction companies to learn about a project in progress, how it’s unique, and how such projects are run.  Head over to the company’s offices to meet those working on the development and learn about their respective roles. 
After your visit, you will have the opportunity to take in a stage production in one of London’s renowned West End theaters. 

Day 13: London

Enjoy a full day at your leisure. Revisit some of your favorite sites or shop for some last-minute souvenirs.

Day 14: London - USA

Meet your coach for your transfer to the airport.