• Israel
Jerusalem, Israel - Market Spices


With this unique volunteer experience, you can learn how to cook Israeli cuisine all while provide support for some of the country’s youth at risk. Everyone has something to gain from Kitchen Studio’s innovative project. 


  • Cooking class – You will be able to take your new culinary skills home with you after learning how to create dishes commonly found in Israeli homes & restaurants.
  • Kitchen Studio contribution – Your participation fee will go to a scholarship fund through the Kitchen Studio to provide culinary training for area at-risk youth.

Tour Details

Do you enjoy the art of cooking? If you do, then this voluntourism opportunity is just too awesome to pass up. Step inside the kitchen, & learn about the techniques & ingredients used to make traditional Israeli foods. And by participating in this educational & fun workshop, you’ll benefit the lives of the nation’s at risk youth. That’s right, your participation fee provides a culinary scholarship for an Israeli youth. Make a difference in a young person’s future; get cooking in Israel today!