• England


London is an internationally renowned top-tier urban destination. Although the city thrives in many respects, London still faces common urban challenges, like crime and managing resources to make a safe and healthy city. Hear from those folks that work to make the British legal and justice system an efficient and fair operation. You’ll also get a chance to explore London and the countryside as well as learn more about some of the famous criminal hotspots that have become popular for urban legend. 


  • Visits with Legal Minds – Speak with senior leadership and staff to better understand the inner-workings on the British legal system.
  • Specialized Tours – Get introduced to the city of London, while learning about policing history and famous criminal sites, like those associated with Jack the Ripper and The Kray Twins.
  • Tower of London Opening Ceremony – Get special access to this the renowned Opening Ceremony of the Tower of London.
  • Meet Nonprofit Representatives – Meet with nonprofits and charities working to advocate for victims, provide resources, and reform the British legal system to ensure civil and political rights are upheld in the criminal justice system.


Day 1: London

Upon arrival in London, your private coach will meet you for transfer to your accommodation. Get settled in and enjoy your evening at leisure.

Day 2: London

Begin your day with a program orientation session led by in-country staff and a police officer. This session will cover safety and health topics, how to use public transport, as well as offering you helpful hints for your stay. Then, set off your for your 2 – 3 hour guided our of London. Bring your camera; there will be plenty of photo ops along the route. The tour coach will then drop you off at your accommodations for an evening at your leisure

Day 3: London

This morning, you will pay a visit to the Law Commission, an independent review body that provides legal recommendations when needed. Meet with senior members of the Commission to learn about the legal process through England. 
This afternoon, head to the program headquarters where a lecturer and specialist in the field will introduce to British life and culture with an emphasis on government and politics. The remainder of the evening is yours to enjoy. 

Day 4: London

Begin the day with a visit to an area charity dedicated to advocating for victims of torture and crime. Speak with both staff as well as victims. This first-hand look at how crime and torture can impact lives will help you to truly understand the important of the work done in the criminal justice system, including like charities. This afternoon, return to program headquarters for a lecture from accompanying faculty.

Day 5: London

Put on your walking shoes this morning as you embark on a walking tour through the city of London. Your private guide, a former police officer and criminal justice expert, will introduce you to the city, however, with a special focus on criminal law, London’s police history, and major crimes. Continue on to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as senior figures guide you through the prosecution process, including how cases are reviewed and detailed insight in to the system. You may even find yourself privy to highly sensitive information.  Be sure to dress professionally for this visit - suits for ladies, and suits and ties for gentlemen.

Day 6: London

Kick off the day with an early trip to Tower of London to catch the opening ceremony. This is a special event only available to select groups with access to the Tower.  After you and your military escort march to open the Tower, take some time to snap some pictures before attending the Ceremony of the Keys (no photos allowed at this ceremony). Following the ceremony, learn about how corporal punishment was employed in the Tower on your guided tour. Your trip to the Tower also includes entrance to the Crown Jewels. Then, head back to the program house for a lecture with your faculty leader.

Day 7: London

Enjoy a full day at your leisure.

Day 8: London

Enjoy another full day at your leisure.

Day 9: London

This morning, a Senior Legal Officer will lead our visit to a law reform and human rights charity, learning how the charity’s work promotes reform in the British Justice System. After your visit, return to the program house for a classroom session with your faculty leader. This evening is at your leisure.

Day 10: London - Bath - London

Today, make your way through the Wiltshire countryside to the city of Bath. Dating back to A.D. 43, Bath is home to a number of tourist attractions centered on its Roman heritage, including Roman Baths Pump Room and Bath Abbey. Be sure to take a stroll around The Royal Crescent, one of the most charming streets in the country. Explore Bath before returning to London for a free evening.

Day 11: London

This morning, your specialized guide, will lead you on a walking tour of London, pointing out those spots associates with some of London’s most infamous crimes, including The Kray Twins. After some free time for lunch, head to London’s largest police stations to meet with some of the team leaders in the Security and Terrorism department. Assuming security clearance, you can even tour the station’s interview rooms and custody suites. Try your hand at escaping one of the cells. Please wear smart attire for this visit.  The evening is yours to enjoy.

Day 12: London

Your day will begin with a presentation from the representative of a charity focused on the issues facing women, particularly crimes against women. Learn about some of the charity’s most pressing concerns like honor killings, rape, and female genital mutilation. Following the presentation, your accompanying faculty member will lead an afternoon classroom session. As the sun sets, met your private guide for a Jack the Ripper Walking Tour. The tour takes you back to 19th century London, when East Enders lived in fear of the infamous murder mystery of Jack the Ripper. Listen to detailed accounts of investigations as you visit the exact spots where crimes were committed.

Day 13: London

Visit a national charity in support of victims of crime in Wales and England. Meet with one of the charity’s executive staff to take a critical and comparative look at the resources available to victims. Afterwards, you will head to the Museum of London to take in some culture and history. Explore the museum’s 9 galleries as they tell the story of London from prehistoric times to modern day. This evening is free for you to enjoy. 

Day 14: London

Enjoy a full day at your leisure.

Day 15: London

Enjoy another full day at your leisure.

Day 16: London

This morning, you will head to the Inns of the Court to meet your guide. Walk through the cluster of buildings each of which are dedicated to a different element of London’s legal system. After the tour, enjoy the rest of the afternoon to explore the city. 

Day 17: London

Your day will kick-off with a classroom session with your accompanying faculty member. Following the lecture, head to the Palace of Westminster to see the Houses of Parliament, the seat of the British Government. A dedicated Parliament guide will teach you about the British political system as he/she leads you through both chambers – Lords and Commons - as well as Westminster Hall.  Enjoy a free evening. 

Day 18: London

Beginning at the program headquarters, a local Justice of Peace will meet the group to begin an interactive lecture and tour on the court system in England and Wales. One of your stops will be at the City of London Police Museum where the tour continues. This small museum maps the history of policing and crime in London. 

Day 19: London

This morning, you will have the chance to explore the exhibitions at The Clink Prison Museum, The museum is actually situated on the site of what is thought to be one of England’s oldest prisons. Here, you can hold original artifacts and torture devices for a hands-on museum experience. Enjoy a free afternoon and evening. 

Day 20: London

Use your free morning and afternoon for last minute souvenir shopping or to revisit your favorite London spots. This evening, your program will conclude with a farewell dinner for the group at a local restaurant. Enjoy some traditional English fare and share laughs and memories with your fellow travelers.

Day 21: London

Check out of your hotel and transfer to the airport for your return flight.