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Jerusalem, Israel - Market Spices


Don’t just experience the tastes of Israel, make the tastes of Israel! Learn how to prepare some of Israel’s most classic dishes with the help of an area chef. Afterwards, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor as you & your group snack on your culinary creations. 


  • Cooking class – You will be able to take your new culinary skills home with you after learning how to create dishes commonly found in Israeli homes & restaurants.
  • Moshav Bitan Aharaon – Your class is set to the backdrop of a beautiful stone mansion in a quaint agricultural community to the north of Tel Aviv.

Tour Details

Travel just north of Tel Aviv to Moshav Bitan Aharon, a small but beautiful agricultural community. Here, in the comfort of an ancient, stone mansion, you will begin your Israeli cooking lesson with renowned Chef Noam Koren. Among some of the delicious items on your menu might be hummus, spicy Moroccan grilled fish, & grilled eggplant. Take in the scenery of the mansion as you enjoy your hand-crafted dishes following the lesson. 


  • Workshop fees
  • Meal