• Netherlands


Transform your travel itinerary into part of your adventure as you stop in Amsterdam en route to your destination.  See the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Dam Square, & Begijnhof among Amsterdam’s many other highlights. Don’t miss this opportunity for a whirlwind tour of the city!  


  • Anne Frank Museum – A museum built in the former home of Anne Frank and family, which offers a look into the realities of discrimination during the Nazi-era.
  • Begjinhof – These small buildings are actually a number of beautiful privately-owned homes that are situated within the city limits of the Singel.
  • Dam Square – The historic city center of Amsterdam for which the city of Amsterdam is named.
  • Madurodam – Madurodam is a miniature park of the replicas to a number of well-known Dutch buildings & landmarks; the scale for the designs is 1:25.
  • Royal Palace of Amsterdam – Built during the Dutch Golden Age, this 17th century palace is one of three belonging to the Dutch Royal Family.
  • Singel – A 16th century canal system once served as a moat until the city expanded beyond canal limits.
  • The Hague – The Hague serves as the seat for Netherland’s legislative & executive branches as well as the International Criminal Court & International Court of Justice.

Detailed Tour Description

Embark on a panoramic tour to spot some of the city’s highlights. You can’t miss the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, one of the three houses allotted to the Dutch Royal Family. It is located right in the middle of Dam Square, Amsterdam’s city center. It is also only a short distance from the River Amstel. The on to see both Oude Ker & Nieuwe Kerk, meaning old & new church, respectively. The former church dates back to the early 13th century as one of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam. However, “new” is a relative term for Nieuwe Kerk; it was built in the 15th century.  Among the day’s highpoints is a stop in Begijnhof. The term “begjinhof” refers to a collection of small building.This old courtyard is surrounded now by private homes that were constructed during the middle ages. They sit along the edge of the Singel, a canal that once enclosed the city of Amsterdam. 

Optional Tour Add-Ons

Should you choose to spend more than just a day or two, there is much more the Netherlands has to offer. Devote a day to learning more about the city’s history during World War II at the Anne Frank Museum. The museum memorializes the life of Anne Frank & her family, icons of the Jewish resistance, as well as contains exhibits the experience of all those who faced discrimination & prosecution. It is a moving excursion, to say the least. For those interested in contemporary politics in the Netherlands, pay a visit to The Hague, the home for the Netherland’s executive & legislative branches. The Hague also has international importance as the seat of the International Criminal Court & International Court of Justice. Also among your many possible adventures, you may decide to see more of Amsterdam’s beautiful scenery & architecture. Stroll through the Madurodam, a famous miniature park, or explore the Noordeinde Palace or Huis ten Bosch, two of the three residences designated to the Royal Family. You'll find plenty of adventure and excitement during your day-tour in Amsterdam!