• Belgium


Always passing through Brussels airport, but never seen anything but your flight gate? Here’s a chance to remedy that! Get out & experience the sights & sounds of Belgium’s capital city. Visit the Mannekin Pis sculpture, the Place Royale or the Parliamentarium during your day-tour of Brussels. You won’t regret adventuring through this terrific European city. 


  • Mannekin Pis – A famous sculpture depicting a little boy peeing into the fountain & the subject of another of legends explaining its significance.
  • National Botanic Garden – Part of the Bouchout Castle, this garden is one of the largest of its kind with a tremendous collection of flora.
  • Parlamentarium – The vistor’s center of the European Parliament, the legislative branch of the governing body of the European Union.
  • Place Royal – A historic city square in the heart of Brussels; built on the former grounds of the Baliënplein Castle which burnt down.
  • Visit to a Belgian Chocolatier – See how some of Belgium’s most famous sweet treats are concocted & crafted at a local artisan’s chocolatier shop.

Detailed Tour Description

Visit the famous sculpture, Manneken Pis, which depicts a little boy peeing into a fountain but is perhaps more well-known for the legends that explain the sculpture’s design. You may also want to journey through the elevated habitable spheres that make up Brussels’s 1958 World Fair edifice. From its height, you can enjoy a terrific panoramic view of the city.  For those interested in history, you may want to roam the Place Royale, a historic city square or view the Great Synagogue of Europe, a beautiful building with a colorful history.  Politicos may want to stop-by the Parliamentarium where they can get a glimpse into the inner works of the European Union. The Parlamentarium is the visitor center for Europe’s parliamentary body & offers a chance to see how major political decisions are made at the international level. 

Optional Tour Add-Ons

To make your tour even sweeter, you might want to spend some time with a Belgian Chocolatier. Belgium is famous for its chocolates, so watch & enjoy as you see this popular treat being handcrafted. 

Optional Tour Add-Ons

If you have more time to spend in Belgium, you may choose to even venture out of the city. Head north to Meise go see the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, one of the largest in the world of its kind.  Instead, you may choose to get closer to the Belgian coast. Spend time in Bruges where you can visit St. John’s Hospital. St. John’s has a long history as it is served pilgrims, travelers & the sick for nearly 800 years. It is also rich in culture. It houses an impressive collection of art & historical artifacts. Whether in the capital city or beyond, you’ll be glad you made the most of your time in Belgium.