• Germany


Don’t just pass through Germany’s beautiful city of Frankfurt, take the time to explore it! You’ll get an intimate feel for the city as you explore Frankfurt on foot. Walk to sites like Römer, Frankfurt Cathedral, & St. Paul’s church. Whether one day or one week, Germany has plenty to offer the curious tourist. 


  • Heidelberg – Located south of Frankfurt, Heidelberg is a destination for its scenery; it is also home to the Heildelberg Cathedral & Castle.
  • Königsstuhl – Meaning “King’s Seat,” this is a hill which offers panoramic views of Heidelberg, the River Necker & the neighboring Rhein Valley.
  • Römer – In 1405, this medieval building was converted into Frankfurt’s city hall & continued to serve as the city’s political center for 600 years.
  • St. Paul’s Church – Not just a church, St. Paul’s is symbolic of the evolution of democracy in Germany; it is the seat of the first freely elected German legislative body.

Detailed Tour Description

One of the best ways to experience Frankfurt is on foot so use your stop-over to roam the Old Town. On your tour, you’ll hit some of Frankfurt’s most visited sites, such as Römer, Frankfurt’s city hall of 600 years. You’ll also see the Frankfurt Cathedral & St. Paul’s Church. Though it is called a church, St. Paul’s transformed from a Lutheran establishment to an icon of democracy. It is the seat of the Frankfurt Parliament, the first German legislative body to be freely elected by the public. The church was destroyed during the Allied bombings of Germany in WWII, but because of its political & historical significance, it was one of the first buildings to be reconstructed in the post-war era.  

Optional Tour Add-Ons

If you have even more time to spend in town, take a day trip to Heidelberg. Just south of Frankfurt, Heidelberg is known for its scenic & romantic cityscape. While there, visit the Heidelberg Cathedral, the Castle, its old town as well as the university. You may choose to climb the city’s neighboring hill, Königsstuhl, or “King’s seat,” to enjoy an extraordinary view of the city, Rhein Valley & River Necker.