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Don’t waste your time in the airport – get out & experience the city of London!  This capital city is a destination in itself for its history, culture & as an international hub. It is also home to some of Europe’s emblematic sites. See Trafalgar Square, the Nelson column, Big Ben & the London Eye, among London’s other world renowned spots. This tour is a great way to take in such a magnificent city.   


  • Big Ben – The nickname for the Elizabeth Tower & its towering four-faced clock, the third tallest of its kind in the world.
  • Buckingham Palace – The official London residence of the Queen & the host of formal state occasions.
  • Tower Bridge – Commonly known as the London Bridge, this icon of London spans the River Thames & dates back to the late 19th century.
  • Westminster Abbey – This gothic church sits just across from the Palace of Westminster, & has been the site for royal occasions like coronations, weddings & funerals for centuries.
  • Windsor Castle – Located in Berkshire county, this is an official residence of the British Royal Family & a popular destination for tourists for its architecture & galleries.

Detailed Tour Description

Visit Trafalgar Square, a city focal point & public space named for the Battle of Trafalgar, a British victory during the Napoleonic Wars. At the center of the square, you’ll be able to see the Nelson column with 4 lion statues, there to continue guarding the city.  As you venture on, you can see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben & the London Eye, some of the most picturesque & well known of London’s attractions. 

Option Tour Add-Ons

You can also choose to get the royal experience as you see some of the landmarks important to the British Royal Families, both past & present. Watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s London residence. Westminster Abbey, a church & architectural legacy of the 13th to 16th century, continues to play an important role for royalty. It holds the tombs of a number of former kings & queens & is the site of coronations & other formal royal events. In recent history, it was host to the funeral for Princess Diana & the wedding venue for Prince William & Kate Middleton. Tour the Tower of London which sits near the shores of the River Thames & offers a view of the Tower Bridge, perhaps even better known as the London Bridge. Though the scenery is spectacular, this 14th century building is more infamously known as the prison of many political dissidents like Sir Thomas More or Sir Walter Raleigh & the execution site for those like Anne Boleyn & Catherine Howard, the former queens of Henry VIII. 

Optional Tour Add-Ons

Trek outside of the city to visit Berkshire County, home to the royal residence at Windsor & the oldest & largest castle in the world. Windsor Castle itself could take days to explore. The Castle is full of galleries & exhibitions that feature royal artifacts & collections. Roam through the state apartments & enjoy the range of architectural & interior designs or stop in Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, where even the Queen’s toys lived in miniature luxury.  This global city has all the culture, history & excitement any layover can offer.