• Spain


Turn your layover in Spain into an exciting, adventure-packed journey in Madrid! Choose from a number of thrilling ways to see the city including half- or full-day coach tours or a custom-designed package to visit some of Madrid’s most beautiful parks & museums.  While there, be sure to catch some of Madrid’s highlights like the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol or Buen Retiro Park. Whatever you chose to do with your time in Madrid, it will be a well-added complement to your trip!


  • Buen Retiro Park – Its Spanish name meaning “Park of Pleasant Retreat,” this city park is filled with monuments, galleries, sculptures & scenery.
  • Puerta del Sol – This “Gate of the Sun” is well known for being home to the famous clock which sounds on the New Year to commence the eating of the 12 grapes.
  • Royal Palace – The official residence in Madrid to the Spanish Royal Family, though the palace is only used for formal state ceremonies.
  • Toledo – South of Madrid, Toledo is a known as both the “City of Three Cultures” springing from is Christian, Jewish & Muslim cultural heritage.

Detailed Tour Description

Visit the Royal Palace, where the Royal Family holds formal events & ceremonies as well as the Puerta del Sol, or “Gate of the Sun,” where you can hear the 12 bells chime to mark the eating of the grapes on New Years. You can also stop in the Almudena Cathedral, the seat of Madrid’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese or roam Buen Retiro Park, filled with monuments, sculptures, galleries & beautiful scenery. 

Optional Tour Add-Ons

If you have enough time, you may decide to venture out of Madrid to the city of Toledo. Toledo was named an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986 for its large cultural inheritance. It is known as the “City of Three Cultures,” for having been influenced by Christians, Jews & Muslims, each of which has called Toledo home.  Toledo is also referred to as the "Imperial City" as one of the primary sites of court during the reign of Charles I.