• Israel


Adventure out into the beautiful Negev desert for the cultural experience of a lifetime.  Prepare & enjoy a traditional Bedouin feast while taking in some of Israel’s more rural scenery. 


  • Bedouin dinner – Enjoy a meal with Bedouin villagers as you learn more about your hosts & Bedouin culture.
  • Camel rides – A common form of transportation in desert environments, hop on a camel to see the desert scenery from a whole new perspective.
  • Cooking lesson – Not only will you enjoy Bedouin cuisine, but you can take their culinary traditions home with you as you learn to make some of the community’s staple dishes.

Tour Details

The Bedouins are ethnic peoples with a long & rich history in the Middle East. Once a nomadic group native to the desert landscape, modem Bedouins have since settled creating communities with strong Bedouin cultural influences & traditions. This unique day tour is a chance for you to experience some of their cultural heritage. Among the day’s exciting activities are a pita bread making demonstration before you have a chance to try your own hand at the dish. Then, get a better view of the desert scenery from atop a camel as you ride along the dunes & tables of the Negev. 

Optional Add-Ons

Enhance your desert dining experience into dinner & show with a belly dancing performance with your meal. Or, learn more about Bedouin music with a drum circle workshop.