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Seek to understand the lifestyles & mindset of people in Blue Zones, where the highest number of centenarians live. Students will meet centenarians & local experts to explore several theories of longevity.


  • Dr. Gianni Pes - Speak with Dr. Pes, the Senior Researcher who first to reported on Sardinian longevity. Discuss his findings on nutrition & lifestyle factors associated with long life.
  • Honey House - Honey is considered a longevity food in Ikaria. Learn about its quality & production.
  • Agios Kirikos Hospital - Meet a cardiologist & general surgeon to discuss centenarian health, then shadow a physiotherapist.
  • Bread-making Workshop - A Sardinian proverb states, “With bread, you will never die.” The “Carta di Musica” flatbread was traditionally consumed by shepherds who needed nutrient-rich food that would sustain them through long days.
  • Seulo Walk - Discover the connection between hiking & longevity. Meet a shepherd who will demonstrate how to make local cheese. Then, try a shepherd’s-style lunch.
  • Local Centenarians -Talk with local centenarians as you prepare a meal for the group. Learn their secrets to living long & healthy lives.
  • San Benedetto Food Market - Sample local food at the largest covered fish market in Europe.


Day 1: Cagliari

Upon arrival at the Cagliari airport, you’ll be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel. Your guide holds a PhD in biology and specializes in nutrition, longevity, and Blue Zones (regions where people live longer). Receive a brief orientation on ancient versus modern flours and how they impact blood glucose levels. 

Day 2: Cagliari

Today, enjoy a breadmaking workshop, lunch included. Sardinia is known for its nutrient-rich bread. A local proverb states, “With bread, you will never die.” For example, the “Carta di Musica” flatbread is made using high protein, low-gluten durum wheat. It was traditionally consumed by Sardinian shepherds who needed long-lasting, nutritional food to carry with them in the fields for extended periods of time. 

Day 3: Su Nuraxi Nuraghe

This morning, depart for a guided visit of Su Nuraxi Nuraghe. The Nuraghe civilization existed in Sardinia from the 18th century BC until the 2nd century AD. While there are no written records of these people, there are several remaining fortresses throughout Sardinia. This Bronze Age defensive structure consists of a central tower with three chambers, built from blocks of basalt (volcanic rock). 
Later in the day, visit an olive oil grinding mill for a tour, tasting, and pasta-making lesson. This evening, enjoy a launeddas concert where you’ll hear this traditional Sardinian woodwind instrument. 
Afterward, make your way to Seulo for overnight. This small village with the highest concentration of male centenarians in world. 

Day 4: Seulo

Enjoy a morning walk in the mountains of Seulo and discover the connection between hiking and longevity. Meet a local shepherd who will demonstrate how to make local cheese (depending on availability). You’ll also have the opportunity to try a shepherd’s-style lunch.

The remainder of the day is at leisure in Seulo. 

Day 5: Seulo

Today, meet with local centenarians and learn their secrets to living long and healthy lives. Prepare a meal for the centenarians and spend time with them before a lecture/meal with Professor Pes (if available). 

Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. 

Day 6: Cagliari

Early this morning, return to Cagliari and enjoy a visit to the lively San Benedetto food market, home to the largest covered fish market in Europe. Experience authentic Italian culture by strolling through the bustling stalls and trying samples of local food. The first floor is dedicated to seafood, and the second is where you’ll find produce, cheese, and other Sardinian specialties.   

Day 7: Flight to the U.S.A.

Transfer to the airport for your return flight home.