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Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer while touring Israel? Team up with a local food distribution project that reaches out to the hungry in Jerusalem. Assist the organization by assembling food packages for less fortunate families in the community.


  • Voluntourism project – Help some of Israel’s underprivileged as you spend time in the packing and organizing food delivery with the Pantry Packers organization.


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Dating back to 1788, Pantry Packers is the oldest continually operating social service network in Israel. The organization strives to help eliminate the impact of hunger in impoverished and vulnerable communities. You can help Pantry Packers by participating in one of their two main projects – Food Baskets and Meals on Wheels. With Food Baskets, you will be packing and delivering non-perishable food items to Israeli families in need. Should you work with the Meals on Wheels program, you will be bringing prepared meals right to the doorsteps of those who are unable to make their own food. Whatever project you choose, your trip to Israel will have been that much more fulfilling.