• Greece


This tour invites you to discover the biblical history associated with famous archaeological sites across Greece. You will walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, visiting the spots where he preached the gospel, stood trial, was imprisoned, & took to the seas. 


  • Mars Hill – Site in Athens where Paul preached a sermon found in the Book of Acts.
  • Meteora Monasteries – Monastery complex situated on top of steep pinnacles.
  • Acropolis – World-famous monumental site in Athens. Home to the Greek temple, the Parthenon.
  • Delphi – Enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding mountains from the Delphi theatre.


Day 1: Thessaloniki

Arrive at the airport in Thessaloniki, & transfer to the hotel. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant this evening. 

Day 2: Thessaloniki – Amphipolis – Philippi – Kavala – Thessaloniki

After breakfast, travel to ancient Amphipolis. Here you will find the Amphipolis lion monument, amongst other pre- A.D. remains. Explore the remains of ancient Philippi afterward. Highlights of the site include the Christian basilicas, the Forum, & the jail where Paul & Silas were imprisoned, as told in the New Testament. Visit the Baptistery of Lydia, where Paul’s European baptism ministry began. Enjoy a brief visit to nearby Kavala, where you’ll see its Byzantine castle. Afterward, return to Thessaloniki for the evening. 

Day 3: Thessaloniki – Meteora – Kalambaka

Enjoy a half-day city tour of Thessaloniki this morning. Visit the Arch of Galerius, the 4th-century A.D. Rotunda, & one of the city’s most notable landmarks, the White Tower of Thessaloniki. Next you will head to the Hagia Sophia church. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its centuries-old mosaics. Before leaving the city, enjoy a walk through the sanctuary & crypt of the Church of Saint Demetrius. The afternoon features a visit to some of the most unique monasteries in Europe, the Meteora Monasteries. You’ll be amazed as you head up to the top of steep pinnacles to tour these holy buildings. Travel to the nearby city of Kalambaka for dinner & an overnight stay.   

Day 4: Kalambaka – Delphi – Athens

Spend the majority of the day in Delphi. Here you will see an ancient theatre, built amidst breathtaking landscapes, & the Temple of Apollo. Other highlights of the ancient Delphi tour include the Athenian Treasury & the Archaeological Museum. Afterward, leave for Athens. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant in Greece’s capital city. 

Day 5: Athens

Discover the wonders of Athens today. Head up to the Acropolis to see one of the most notable landmarks in all of Greece, the Parthenon. Afterward, stand on Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul once preached a sermon, as told in the Book of Acts. Other highlights of the tour include visits to the Temple of Zeus, Athens’ former Olympic stadium, & the Agora. After the tour, spend the remainder of the day at leisure.  

Day 6: Athens – Corinth – Athens

Leave Athens for a few hours to visit the ancient city of Corinth. The site features the ruins of several temples, a museum, & the Bema where the Apostle Paul stood trial. Before returning to Athens, visit nearby Cenchreae, where Paul left Greece by boat. Enjoy a farewell dinner this evening in Athens. 

Day 7: Athens – USA

Transfer to the airport, & board return flight home.