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The state of Goa is located along India’s southwestern coastline & is one of the country’s smallest states in area. Goa is a popular tourist destination for its beaches & world heritage architecture which has led to its fast growing economy. However, despite its relative prosperity, the periurban & rural communities still lack some of the basic infrastructure & resources necessary to create thriving local economies & communities. 

Note: We have grouped available projects into broad headings based on the scope of their work. However, many of these programs overlap in their overall goals & objectives or go beyond the work listed here. So, if you are interested in a particular projects or tasks, please inquire more about specific projects & itineraries. 

Specialized Project: Education

Participants work with the local community to improve the quality of education & care in day care centers, special institutions, & regular schools. Additionally, a variety of educational & confidence building activities are organized for the benefit of area adolescent girls & are geared towards fostering a sense of self-worth & empowerment as well as promoting opportunities in the community. These programs also include working with communities of children who have been limited to helping with area trades instead of getting a broader education.
The activities done by volunteers primarily relate to three broad areas: education, care, & empowerment. While the needs of each region differ due to varied cultures, climate, & social conditions, there are some common activities offered:
  • Early childhood care & education;
  • Tutoring;
  • Preparing teaching materials;
  • Teaching basic subjects, like mathematics & literacy, with creative lessons;
  • Providing additional support to those students who have fallen behind;
  • Organizing recreational activities;
  • Maintenance of institutional facilities;
  • Absorbing some of the children’s communal responsibilities so that they may have time to attend schools & lessons.

Specialized Project: Women Empowerment

The purpose of these projects is to provide women with the resources they need to be successful at home, work & in the community. Women are often disenfranchised in the community, having been unable to attend school or obtain the skills necessary to advance themselves economically. The programs work to correct this discrepancy by offering education & support that will allow women to be self-reliant.  
Volunteer activities include:
  • Leading & assisting in Adult literacy classes;
  • Empowerment through computer training & English classes;
  • Vocational training;
  • Health & hygiene awareness;
  • Advocacy.

Specialized Project: Community Work

The project work is dependent upon the specific needs of the individual village, the condition of its public facilities & its social issues at stake, as well as the interests & professional skills of the volunteers. 
The following is a general list of work needed:
  • Repairing & improving work areas, classrooms & centers in area educational facilities;
  • Painting educational materials & art work on walls & in common spaces;
  • Enhancing plantation & playground areas;
  • Spreading awareness on the importance of facility maintenance & beautification.

Specialized Project: Humanitarian Work

Unfortunately, not all health care institutions, like hospitals, have all the resources they need to function smoothly & efficiently. This often results in time taken away from priorities like patient care & treatment. This project will ask that participants assist with some of the administrative elements of running a cancer hospital so that doctors & patients can focus on what’s most important: cancer treatment. 
Some of the responsibilities of volunteers include:
  • Aiding the nurses;
  • Providing support & care to patients & family members;
  • Helping with daily maintenance routines;
  • Organizing activities/recreation for patients.


  • International flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Half day orientation on the work involved & important cultural considerations
  • All relevant materials for improvement of community facilities as per the need assessment
  • All meals during the working days
  • English speaking translator/guide for the entire duration of the program