• Nepal


In addition to being graced with one of the world’s most stunning landscapes, the Himalayas, Kathmandu is known for its richness of history, culture, & tradition, making it a desirable destination for any traveler. However, a great portion of its native people are in need of assistance, from the many orphaned children to the elderly population. This project offers different opportunities for volunteers to help the less fortunate of Kathmandu.
Note: We have grouped available projects into a broad category based on the scope of their work. However, many of these programs overlap in their overall goals & objectives or go beyond the work listed here. So, if you are interested in a particular projects or tasks, please inquire more about specific projects & itineraries. 

Specialized Program: Education

Participants work with the local community to improve the quality of education & care in day care centers, special institutions, & regular schools. Additionally, a variety of educational & confidence building activities are organized for the benefit of area adolescent girls & are geared towards fostering a sense of self-worth & empowerment as well as promoting opportunities in the community. 
The activities done by volunteers primarily relate to three broad areas: education, care, & empowerment. While the needs of each region differ due to varied cultures, climate, & social conditions, there are some common activities offered:
  • Early childhood care & education;
  • Tutoring;
  • Preparing teaching materials;
  • Teaching basic subjects, like mathematics & literacy, with creative lessons;
  • Providing additional support to those students who have fallen behind;
  • Organizing recreational activities;
  • Maintenance of institutional facilities.

Specialized Program: Orphan Care

Make a positive, lasting impression on the life of a less fortunate child buy helping provide them with their most basic needs – housing, food, education & love. The goal of this project is to make sure local orphans are afforded the same resources as other children to grow up & become productive members of their communities.
Some of the tasks commonly assigned to volunteers include:
  • Providing counseling & emotional support;
  • Teaching them basic subjects, like mathematics & literacy;
  • Helping them learn important trade & vocational skills, including computers;
  • Aiding the children’s day-to-day routines & orphanage chores;
  • Planning recreational activities.

Specialized Program: Women Empowerment

The purpose of these projects is to provide the women of Nepal with the resources they need to be successful at home, work & in the community. Women are often disenfranchised in the community, having been unable to attend school or obtain the skills necessary to advance themselves economically. The programs work to correct this discrepancy by offering education & support that will allow women to be self-reliant.  
Volunteer activities include:
  • Leading & assisting in Adult literacy classes;
  • Empowerment through computer training & English classes;
  • Vocational training;
  • Health & hygiene awareness;
  • Advocacy.

Specialized Program: Caring for the Elderly

Give a helping hand to elders in need within a local community in Kathmandu. There are many ways in which volunteers can help to aid the process of their daily routines & assist in creating a comfortable & pleasant environment. Activities may include: 
  • Assisting with daily hygiene routines (i.e. bathing, brushing teeth, shaving);
  • Cleaning their living areas;
  • Helping with other domestic tasks (i.e. washing clothes, making beds);
  • Assisting with transportation of elderly around & within the facility;
  • Feeding those who need assistance;
  • Spending time socializing with them;
  • Leading activities for exercise & entertainment.

Optional Pre/Post-Project Tours

Kathmandu Durbar Square – This famous plaza is home to the Hanuman Dhoka Palace Complex. Learn about the royal families who resided here for centuries, & hear the legend of the fifteen-language, engraved stone.
Patan Durbar Square – Discover Newa architecture, a design crafted by the Newa people, as you explore the temples & courtyards devoted to sacred deities of the Nepalese culture. 
Pashupatinath – See the most revered Hindu temple complex in all of Nepal. 
Boudhanath (Boudha) – Home to a famous Stupa monument, regarded as one of the most sacred shrines amongst Tibetan Buddhists. 
Sankhu/Nagarkot/Changunarayan Trekking – Discover the incomparable beauty of the Himalayas on this adventurous hike. The route features views of Mount Kanchenjunga & Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. 
Trisuli River Rafting – Feel the excitement of white water rafting at its best.


  • International flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Half day orientation on the work involved & important cultural considerations
  • All meals during the working days
  • English speaking translator/guide for the entire duration of the program