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Jeruselem, Israel - Fish Mosaic


Experience the Negev desert as a member of the Mashabei Sade Kibbutz. Learn more about the community’s traditions & culture as you participate in both exciting & educational activities as well as the daily routines of the Mashabei Sade people. So that you can further immerse yourself, multiple-night stays are available for this tour. 


  • Folk-dancing ceremony – Common to Kibbutz, you will watch as residents perform a folk-dancing routine for you & other guests.
  • Negev Desert – Making up nearly half of Israel, this semi-desert & desert terrain is home to a number of Bedouin communities, diverse & beautiful scenic attractions & has played a tremendous role in Middle Eastern & religious history.
  • Visit to Masahbei Sade – Participate in the daily life of a kibbutz, a collective community of agriculturalists, including shopping, meals & local recreation.

Tour Details

Historically, a kibbutz is a small collective community which build their livelihoods on agriculture. These communities have continued on from the early 20th century. One such kibbutz is the Mashabei Sade, located in the Negev desert. During your tour, you can choose to engage in a number of local activities. Whether you go shopping at a local market, dine with members of the community or participate in a folk-dancing ceremony, you will get an authentic look at life in an Israeli kibbutz. 

Optional Add-Ons

If you’re in town for long enough, you can arrange to learn Hebrew through an area language course. 


  • Accommodations per itinerary
  • Some Meals