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Lalsot city is located toward the eastern border of the state of Rajasthan. The city is situated close to other major urban centers, such as Jaipur & New Delphi, as well as India’s border with Pakistan. While Lalsot has been able to provide public works to its citizens, it continues to lack the educational resources to foster a skilled & competitive younger generation. These projects focus on amending this discrepancy in educational assets for less-prosperous communities & children, particularly for those who are often disenfranchised like women & adolescent girls.
This project is only availabe for groups of 10 or more.
Note: We have grouped available projects into a broad category based on the scope of their work. However, many of these programs overlap in their overall goals & objectives or go beyond the work listed here. So, if you are interested in a particular projects or tasks, please inquire more about specific projects & itineraries. 

Specialized Project: Education

Participants work with the local community to improve the quality of education & care in day care centers, special institutions, & regular schools. Additionally, a variety of educational & confidence building activities are organized for the benefit of adolescent girls & women of the local community. These activities are geared towards promoting opportunities of this often neglected section of the community by giving them a sense of self-worth & empowerment. These programs also include working with communities of children who have been limited to helping with area trades or have not had access to stable & permanent educational institutions, meaning they are unable to get consistent & well-rounded education.
The activities done by volunteers primarily relate to three broad areas: education, care, & empowerment. While the needs of each region differ due to varied cultures, climate, & social conditions, there are some common activities offered:
  • Early childhood care & education;
  • Tutoring;
  • Organizing recreational activities;
  • Preparing teaching materials;
  • Providing additional support to those students who have fallen behind;
  • Teaching basic subjects, like mathematics & literacy, with creative lessons;
  • Providing infrastructural alternatives to schools, like home visits;
  • Working with mentally & physically challenged students;
  • Women’s empowerment through computer training & English classes;
  • Absorbing some of the children’s communal responsibilities so that they may have time to attend schools & lessons.


  • International flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Half day orientation on the work involved & important cultural considerations
  • All relevant materials for improvement of community facilities as per the need assessment
  • All meals during the working days
  • English speaking translator/guide for the entire duration of the program