• England


Discover London, the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s most foremost financial hubs. And behind the scenes of every successful business is a marketing and PR team working to promote their visibility and brand. This tour is a great opportunity to get introduced to this historic European city and learn about what makes it such an economic powerhouse. You may elect to meet with industry leaders, marketing and PR firms, or sit in on lectures and presentations about development in the field. 


  • Industry Visits – Hear from the businesses that require marketing and PR to stay visible and relevant, and the different strategies required to suit their respective industry.
  • Meet with Experts in the Field – Learn from the best as you meet with executives and staff in the marketing and PR world, including teams in new media.
  • University Visit – Spend some time at one of U.K.’s premier universities to learn about the role of student union’s in university operations.
  • Tower of London Opening Ceremony – Get special access to watch the Opening Ceremony at the Tower of London; stick around afterwards for a chat with the Sales and Marketing team to hear about how to promote national icons like the Tower.


Day 1: London

Arrive in London and transfer to your hotel via private coach. Drop bags off before continuing on to your program orientation session, which will cover safety and health, public transportation and tips for travel.  Then, get introduced to the city of London with a private coach tour. Head back to the hotel this evening for some rest and relaxation.

Day 2: London

This morning, you will meet with London restaurateurs to learn more about industry trends, including the rise of smaller restaurant groups, pop ups, and markets.  You’ll also hear more about the critical role PR and marketing play in the hospitality and travel sectors in the UK.  This afternoon, enjoy some free time for lunch, before heading to your appointment with one of London’s magazine companies. Tour the offices and shat with the editorial team to better understand the UK approach to journalism.

Day 3: London

Following breakfast, make your way to a presentation by one of London’s premier PR and marketing firms.  Staff will take our on the tour of the offices as well as offer insight into company operations and the marketing and PR field as a whole.
Afterward, visit with one of London’s international retailers. Learn about their unique marketing and media strategies and tour the store.

Day 4: London

Kick off the day with an early trip to Tower of London to catch the opening ceremony. This is a special event only available to select groups with access to the Tower.  After you and your military escort march to open the Tower, take some time to snap some pictures before attending the Ceremony of the Keys (no photos allowed at this ceremony). As one of London’s top tourist attractions, hear from one of the Tower’s Sales and Marketing about its operations the importance of PR and marketing. After the lecture, your group may choose to supplement your Tower adventure with a Beefeater tour, where you’ll learn more about the Tower’s history, torture, and its many secrets.  Entrance to the Crown Jewels is also included. After free time to explore the Tower, continue on to meet the CEO of an online digital marketing company. Learn about the structure of the company and its operations, as well as more about the marketing industry as a whole.

Day 5: London

This morning you will depart for a visit with the student union of one of London’s major universities. Learn specifics about the role and important of a student union to the university. Take some time to reflect on the similarities and differences from your own campus. 
Following from free time for lunch, you will have the chance to chat with a social media expert. Social media has become critical to the field of PR and marketing, and with this lecture, you can learn how to use social media to promote brand awareness and image.
This evening, take in some UK culture at a theater production in one of the West End’s many theaters. 

Day 6: London

Enjoy a full free day at your leisure.

Day 7: London - USA

Check out of your hotel and meet your coach for your transfer to the airport and return flight home.