• Israel
Jerusalem, Israel - Market Spices


During this tour, you will set your compass north to head to the Carmel & Golan Heights region of Israel. It is here that the Druze people reside as well as your opportunity to learn about their history, culture, traditions & eat some delicious customary cuisine. 


  • All-you-can-eat dinner- You won’t leave hungry as you enjoy a Druze dinner with local hosts & as much cultural cuisine as you’d like.
  • Lecture on Druze culture – Gain a better understanding of the Druze people, their long history in the Middle East & their rich cultural traditions.

Tour Details

The Druze are a social & religious people that have its roots in a theological movement dating back to the 11th century. They have a strict monotheistic doctrine but draw their beliefs from a variety of scripture & traditions. Their close-knit communities mean that their traditions & practices have carried into the modern-day Levant with groups in Lebanon, Syria & Israel.  While you are in northern Israel, you will join a Druze family in their homes for a lesson on their history, beliefs & customs. You will even be able to experience a little of Druze culture as you enjoy an “all-you-can-eat” authentic home-cooked meal from a Druze host.