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Want to make a difference in the lives of those in need across Israel? Then be a part of an awesome volunteer opportunity abroad, picking fruit for the hungry with the Leket Israel Food Bank. You’ll help collect fruits & vegetables that will soon make its way in the hands of the hungry.  


  • Voluntourism project – Help some of Israel’s underprivileged as you spend time in the orchards collecting food with other Leket Israel volunteers.

Tour Details

Leket Israel is Israel’s largest food bank working to eradicate nutritional insecurity across the country. In 2014, Leket Israel was able to harvest & dispense more than 25 million pounds of perishables & produce, prepare 1.5 million meals as well as 1.2 million sandwiches all of which went to those in need. However, they can’t do it without the help of their volunteers. This tour is a chance for you to aid Leket Israel in their noble cause by heading out to the orchards to harvest fruits & vegetables that will then be delivered to the underprivileged.