• Brazil


This project is dedicated to helping those who need it most—children living on the streets & in the orphanages. Many of these children live in garbage dumps or open sewers, without running water or sanitation. On their own, they have no way to receive an education or provide for themselves as they mature. Our purpose is to be a positive influence in the lives of as many children as we can, by providing them with medical care, education, & leadership skills. With this help, they have the opportunity to live a productive life.

Specialized Program: Education

The average Brazilian makes less than $10,000 per year. Education is critical to helping them improve their financial situation. Volunteers can help teach technical skills (from wood working to cooking) to those entering the work force, & the arts can be taught to younger children who would probably never be exposed to those luxuries.

Specialized Program: Medical

Whether you’re a physician, dentist, optometrist, pharmacist or have training in the medical, dental or eye care fields, your skills would be greatly appreciated. Mobile clinics serve the needs of several poor communities in & around São Paulo.   

Specialized Program: Sports (Soccer)

These children are in desperate need of strong role models. Groups work with a former professional Brazilian soccer player to teach team work, leadership skills & to give the children confidence in themselves.

Optional Pre/Post-Project Tours

  • Whitewater rafting, jet skiing or kayaking
  • Trips to Rio de Janeiro, Paraty Island, Iguazu Falls or the beach
  • Zipline tours or hiking in the rainforest
  • Shopping, visits to festivals or the aquarium