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Jerusalem, Israel - Dome & Wall


This tour allows you to be the archaeologist, to uncover first-hand what’s left of Jerusalem’s great ancient edifices & memorials. Sift through the remnants of Temple Mount to find jewels of Jerusalem’s early glory & majesty. You may find all sorts of treasures such as coins, decorations & more!


  • Archaeological sift – Play the role of the archaeologist as you sieve through ancient remains to find treasures from ancient Jerusalem.
  • Emek Zurim National Park – Just outside of the Old City of Jerusalem, this national park sits at the foot of Mount Olive & is home to the Temple Mount Antiquities Sifting Project.
  • Temple Mount – One of the Old City of Jerusalem’s most important religious destinations, the Mount played a crucial role in Judaism, Christianity, Islam & ancient Roman religion.

Tour Details

Right by Mount Scopus & at the foot of Mount Olive sits Emek Zurim National Park, the site of an archaeological dig for remains of the Second Temple Period.  From 530 BCE to 70 CE, the Second Temple Period, Jerusalem was defined by an era of growth & prosperity.  Though much of the infrastructure is gone, you still have the chance to find artifacts from this magnificent time in Jerusalem history. As you sift through the actual, ancient remains from the Temple Mount, keep your eyes peeled for items like old decorations or coins. You may just make a discovery of biblical proportions!


  • Entrance fees per itinerary