• Israel
Jerusalem, Israel - Dome & Wall


Relive biblical times on this journey to some of Christianity‘s, as well as other major world religions’, most important landmarks. Follow routes cut by ancient aqueducts to find shrines dating back to the first century. It is literally unlike anything of our time.


  • City of David – Believed to also be Bethlehem, the site of Jesus’s birth, today, the city is a major archaeological project to help uncover artifacts from biblical times.
  • Herodian Road – Starting at the Siloam Pool, the road is formerly a system of aqueducts that scaled the Temple Mount.
  • Temple Mount – One of the Old City of Jerusalem’s most important religious destinations, the Mount played a crucial role in Judaism, Christianity, Islam & ancient Roman religion.

Tour Details

From 530 BCE to 70 CE, Jerusalem was heralded internationally for its grandeur & majesty. This period, known as the Second Temple, was particularly trying for the Jewish faith but a period of great construction & growth for Jerusalem. The artifacts of this period can still be found near Jerusalem today. You can relive this period as you travel to The City of David & The Temple Mount Ascent. Beginning at the Siloam Pool, you will follow ancient water canals, known as the Herodian Road, to ascend the Temple Mount just as pilgrims had. The Mount is also home to the revered Dome of the Rock, an homage to both religion & architecture.


  • Sightseeing with licensed tour guides
  • Entrance fees per itinerary