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Jeruselem, Israel - Fish Mosaic


Don’t miss out on this amazing journey back in time, to the first century BCE & view the Bible Lands as it was seen during the reign of King Herod.  As you travel to the top of the hill of Herodium, you can tour the remains of King Herod’s palace & fortress as well as celebrate his heroism at the King’s resting place.   


  • Herodium – Recognized by its unique shape, this hill was truncated to serve as a fortress & residence for King Herod in the Second Temple Period.
  • Tomb of King Herod – This ornate tomb is the resting place of King Herod, known for his military victories & grand building projects in Jerusalem.

Tour Details

Head into the Judean Desert, & up onto the hill of to Herodium. From here, you can commemorate the life & death of King Herod; Herodium is not only home to the King’s magnificent palace & fortress but his resting place as well – The Tomb of King Herod. The site was originally designed as a safe haven for his family, but is now a monument to King Herod’s legacy & victory in a crucial battle during the era of the Second Temple. 


  • Entrance fees per itinerary
  • Sightseeing with licensed tour guides