• Italy


Your senses will awaken as you experience the grandeur of Italy’s Tuscany region. Ancient history, fascinating architecture, traditional Italian cuisine, fine wines, breathtaking panoramic views, & inspirational art of the Renaissance era make traveling through Italy an absolute must.


  • Four-course meal accompanied by a presentation & tasting of Italian wines, led by a sommelier.
  • Cappella Nuova (San Brizio Chapel) - An addition to the Orvieto Cathedral. Home to Luca Signorelli’s fresco masterpiece.
  • Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta- 12th century cathedral with works from several artists including Alberto Sotio- the first recognized painter in the Umbria region.
  • Interactive cooking lesson- led by one of Spoleto’s own chefs & inspired by traditional Umbrian (Tuscan) methods.
  • Basilica of St. Benedict- Displaying Romanesque & Gothic architecture dating back to the 9th century.
  • Monteriggioni- Medieval town enclosed by a fourteen-tower circular wall, which used to surround the castle of Monteriggioni (13th century).
  • Extensive winery tour, tasting & pasta making demonstration.
  • Guarnacci Etruscan Museum- Houses an impressive collection of antiquities from the ancient Etruscan civilization.


Day 1: Rome

Relax as you’re greeted by a tour representative & taken to your accommodation upon arrival in Rome. If time allows before the welcome dinner, enjoy an espresso from a nearby café or experience the delight of an authentic, Italian gelato. Look forward to a traditional dining experience this evening. Your 4-course meal will be accompanied by a presentation & tasting of Italian wines led by a sommelier. 

Day 2: Rome – Orvieto – Trevi

After breakfast, you’ll travel to Orvieto, a hill-top city which rests on volcanic ash. Before lunch, you’ll be guided through one of Orvieto’s most famous sites, the Cappella Nuova (San Brizio Chapel). This Gothic architectural beauty, an addition to the Orvieto Cathedral, includes a variety of paintings, one of which is Renaissance artist Luca Signorelli’s greatest masterpieces. When you return from lunch, the group will meet to travel to Trevi, where you’ll stay for the following four nights. 

Day 3: Trevi – Spoleto – Trevi

After breakfast, you’ll depart for the town of Spoleto. Your guided tour features visits to medieval palaces, the Ponte delle Torri (an aqueduct built during the 13th century), & the Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta (famous cathedral housing amazing architecture & art). While in Spoleto, you’ll experience an interactive cooking lesson, inspired by traditional Umbrian (Tuscan) methods. Return to Trevi for an overnight stay.

Day 4: Trevi – Norcia –Montefalco – Trevi

Today, you’re invited to become more familiar with the region’s culinary heritage. First, you’ll visit one of Trevi’s olive oil factories. Next, you’ll travel to Norcia, known for its locally-made salami. Enjoy tasting other popular foods of the region, such as sausages & pecorino cheeses, before heading to tour the Basilica of St. Benedict. This basilica is a famous display of Romanesque & Gothic architecture dating back to the 9th century. Before returning to Trevi for the evening, you’ll taste wines at a local café in the city of Montefalco. 

Day 5: Trevi – Assisi – Cortona – Trevi

After breakfast, you’ll leave for Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis, the father of the Franciscan Order. Today’s tour begins with a visit to the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about many of Giotto’s famous 13th century frescoes from a local expert. The adventure continues with a visit to Cortona. You can explore this hillside, medieval town which hosts many artifacts from ancient civilizations. Tonight’s dinner will be held at a historic location in Cortona & will feature delicious Tuscan cuisine. As the evening comes to a close, you’ll depart Cortona for a final overnight stay in Trevi. 

Day 6: Trevi – Siena – Monteriggioni –Montaione

Today’s first destination is the city of Siena where you’ll visit Piazza del Campo, the historic city center. Make sure to wear your walking shoes & bring an appetite. The next stop is in Monteriggioni – a medieval town enclosed by a fourteen-tower, circular wall. Here you can explore another famous city center, Piazza Roma, & sample some sweet Tuscan cuisine: traditional Italian pastries. Afterward, you’ll depart for Montaione – your home for the remainder of the trip. 

Day 7: Montaione – Florence – Montaione

Travel to Florence today to learn & explore some highlights of the Italian city famous for its history, art, & fashion. During the tour, look forward to visiting the cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore. The “Duomo” is a truly unique piece of architecture designed to portray the strength of the city on which it stands. You’ll marvel at its black & white striped interior & stunning bronze doors, sculpted by Ghiberti. Later today, you’ll meet local artists & experience a “behind the scenes” look at their studios. Before returning to Montaione, you might check out some local gift shops & the latest Italian fashions, or simply enjoy embracing Florence’s natural beauty.

Day 8: Montaione – Montepulciano –Montaione

Today, you’ll explore the world of wine. During your visit to a winery, you’ll be guided through the wine cellar, family estate, vineyards, & olive groves. Your afternoon wine tasting will be accompanied by an Italian pasta dish prepared before your eyes. After lunch, you’ll tour the delightful town of Montepulciano. Return to Montaione for the night.  

Day 9: Montaione – San Gimignano – Volterra –Montaione

This morning, you’ll visit the Town of Fine Towers: San Gimignano. You’ll be fascinated by the medieval architecture & the grand structures of the town’s many towers.  Walk through the Piazza del Duomo & the Piazza della Cisterna before traveling on to Volterra to visit the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum. Inside the museum you’ll find an impressive collection of antiquities from the ancient Etruscan civilization. 

Day 10: Montaione

Enjoy one more breakfast in the beautiful, Italian countryside. Afterward, you’ll travel to the airport for your return flight home. 

Optional Add-Ons

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  • International flights
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  • Meeting & assistance upon arrival
  • Meals per itinerary
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  • Sightseeing with licensed tour guides
  • Touring with air conditioned vehicle
  • Entrance fees per itinerary