• Guyana


Discover the biodiversity of wildlife in Guyana as you explore the pristine rainforests. This South American country will continue to surprise you with its variety of species - lurking beneath its rivers’ surfaces, wandering across its vast savannah, or roaming through the canopy of its massive forest. You’ll enjoy bird watching, walking through the forest canopy, learning about the native peoples’ traditions, cruising rivers & observing nocturnal wildlife, & more. 


  • Kaieteur Falls – Highest of its kind in the world. Surpasses Victoria Falls & Niagara Falls.
  • Iwokrama Forest – Covers almost one million acres in Guyana. Features a vast array of avifauna, fascinating reptiles & amphibians, & large mammals.
  • Surama Village – Learn about the plants in the area that are used by the locals for medicinal purposes.
  • Rupununi River – Features a population of giant water lilies.
  • Wildlife Research – Observe the tagging of a black caiman as part of a research study.
  • Nocturnal Wildlife River Cruises


Day 1: Timehri – Georgetown

Arrive at the airport in Timehri, & transfer to your historic accommodation in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown. Enjoy dinner & an overnight stay. 

Day 2: Georgetown – Kaieteur Falls – Georgetown

This morning, head to the airport, & board flight to Kaieteur Falls. From high above, you’ll admire part of Guyana’s tropical rainforest landscape. Kaieteur Falls will surely have you in awe. This powerful, cascading stream of water is the highest of its kind in the world. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars, as you may have the opportunity of observing some unique & fascinating bird species. These include the Guianan cock-of-the-rock & the White-tipped swift. After today’s sightseeing & wildlife tour, board return flight to Georgetown. Enjoy dinner & an overnight stay in the city.

Day 3: Georgetown – Annai – Iwokrama Forest

Early this morning you’ll head to the airport again, for your flight to Annai. Enjoy breakfast upon arrival. You’ll hop in a 4 x 4 afterward to set off for your accommodation, situated in the Iwokrama Forest. On the way you’ll learn a little about the forest’s wildlife & its native Makushi people. Later today, you can enjoy the surrounding nature at your leisure. Go hiking, bird watching, or simply relax. Tonight features the first nocturnal wildlife watch. While cruising the river you may see tree frogs, caimans, & snakes.  

Day 4: Indian House Island, Turtle Mountain, & Kurupukari Falls

Take a sunrise boat ride down the Essequibo River, heading for Indian House Island. Along the island’s coast you’ll find several bird species, including the Marbled wood-quail & the petite Guianan streaked antwren. Enjoy breakfast after the river cruise. You’ll need this meal to fuel up for today’s next adventure, the hike to the top of Turtle Mountain. This almost 1000 foot climb features the opportunity to spot monkeys & jaguars. Enjoy lunch at your accommodation afterward. Visit Kurupukari Falls by boat, & learn about the rock carvings found in the area. Spend another evening in the Iwokrama Forest. 

Day 5: Iwokrama Forest

Hike through the rainforest early this morning to observe its native wildlife. Afterward, you’ll head to another part of the forest to observe Jaguars on a 4 x 4 tour. Enjoy bird watching in the forest canopy, & learn about the Makushi people & their relation to some of the trees within the forest. Spend another evening in the Iwokrama Forest. 

Day 6: Iwokrama Forest

Head up into the forest canopy this morning. Enjoy observing an array of avifauna, including the Dusky purpletuft & the Caica parrot. Head back down to the forest’s floor to look for the Crimson Fruitcrow. After dinner, you’ll set off to look for the nocturnal White-winged potoo. 

Day 7: Iwokrama Forest – Surama Village

Travel to Surama village today. You’ll learn about the native people, their traditions, & plants in the area used for medicinal purposes. After dinner, take a guided hike through the forest to learn about its nocturnal wildlife. 

Day 8: Surama Mountain & Burro-Burro River

Spend the morning hiking Surama Mountain. Enjoy lunch back at the village afterward. Next, set off on an exciting wildlife adventure. Follow the trail to the Burro-Burro River on foot. Once you’ve reached the river, you’ll step inside small boats to be escorted down the river. Don’t forget your camera. The river & its banks are home to Tayras, Spider monkeys, & giant river otters. Head back to Surama village for dinner & an overnight stay. 

Day 9: Surama Village – Rupununi Savannah

Leave for the Rupununi Savannah today. Upon arrival at your accommodation, enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure. 

Day 10: Rupununi Savannah

In the morning you’ll set off for a hiking adventure in the Pakaraima Mountains to observe more bird species native to Guyana. Later today, see how locals of an Amerindian community roast cashew nuts. 

Day 11: Rupununi Savannah

Head down the Rupununi River today. Your river cruise drops you off in Karanambu, where you’ll enjoy observing huge water lilies, otters, & black caimans. 

Day 12: Rupununi Savannah

Spend the day at leisure. 

Day 13: Rupununi Savannah – Yupukari Village

Discover more wildlife native to the Rupununi Savannah & River today. You may find Giant anteaters, black caimans, more giant river otters, & various bird species. Arrive at Yupukari Village later today, & check-in to your accommodation. After dinner, observe part of a wildlife study on the endangered black caiman. You’ll watch from afar as researchers capture this crocodilian for tagging. Before the night’s end, you’ll have the opportunity to see other nocturnal creatures as you cruise the Rupununi River under the dark, South American sky. 

Day 14: Yupukari Village – Georgetown

Take a brief tour of the village early this morning. Enjoy breakfast before heading to the airport. Board return flight to Georgetown. Upon arrival, take a guided tour of the city. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant this evening. 

Day 15: Georgetown – Timehri – USA

Transfer to the airport in Timehri, & board return flight home.