• Tanzania


This service project helps to provide one of the human race’s most essential needs – water. Help build a water catchment for a Maasai community to provide them with a fresh water supply. While camping & volunteering at the Maasai community, you’ll learn about their daily lives & the natural resources they use for medicinal purposes. And to add to this unique experience, you’ll enjoy several safari game drives to discover the wild & wonderful wildlife of Tanzania, & participate in cultural activities, cycle tours, & more!


  • Water Project – Build a water catchment for a Maasai community. This project enables these native Tanzanians to have a fresh water supply.
  • Serengeti National Park – Where the Great Migration of wildebeests takes place. Enjoy an optional sunrise safari game drive.
  • Meserani Snake Park – Features some of the most venomous snakes on the planet in its reptile center.
  • Maasai Experience – Learn about the community & their natural medicinal resources. Celebrate the project’s end with traditional festivities.
  • Cycle Tours


Day 1: Arusha

Arrive at the airport, & transfer to your accommodation in Arusha. Enjoy a welcome dinner this evening. 

Day 2: Arusha – Meserani Snake Park

Enjoy a cycling tour today. You’ll learn about the native tribes that live along the route, have a bush picnic, & admire the surrounding coffee & banana plantations. The route ends at Meserani Snake Park. Upon arrival, visit the park’s reptile center, home to highly venomous snakes. This evening, enjoy dinner by the fire at your campsite. 

Day 3: Meserani Snake Park – Manyara Region

Head to another campsite this morning, situated in the Manyara Region. Upon arrival, take a guided tour of a nearby Maasai boma, or house, & learn about the different statuses that exist across one Maasai family. Later today, you’ll have an orientation for the water catchment project. Enjoy dinner by the fire this evening. 

Day 4: Manyara Region

In the morning, begin the water catchment project. During the day you may assist in digging pipelines, search for locations/plan where the catchments will be situated, & build fences & rain harvesters. 

Day 5: Manyara Region

Continue working on the water catchment project. Later today, one of the members of the Maasai community will show you the surrounding, natural resources they use for medicinal purposes on a bush walk. 

Day 6: Manyara Region – Tarangire National Park – Manyara Region

Leave the Maasai community early this morning, & head to Tarangire National Park. Enjoy a full-day safari game drive. You may have the opportunity to observe tree climbing lions, wildebeests, elephants, zebras, cheetahs, gazelles, & other fascinating wildlife. You’ll enjoy lunch in the bush today. Return to the camp in the Manyara Region after the safari for dinner & an overnight stay. 

Day 7: Manyara Region

Spend another day working on the water catchment project. Later in the day, take a hike that features scenic views of the Great Rift Valley & Lake Manyara. 

Day 8: Manyara Region

Today you will finish your water catchment project. Afterward, join the Maasai community in traditional dancing & singing to celebrate the hard work you have put forth with your hands! You may choose to participate in another Maasai tradition as well, the slaughtering & grilling of a goat. 

Day 9: Manyara Region – Mto wa Mbu

Travel to Mto wa Mbu by bicycle. Along the way, you will cycle past the shores of Lake Manyara. Upon arriving in the village of Mto wa Mbu, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an exciting cultural activity. Options include Swahili culinary workshops & banana plantation tours. 

Day 10: Mto wa Mbu – Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Head to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area this morning. Upon arrival, take off on a full-day safari inside the Ngorongoro Crater. Today’s bush lunch will be held by the hippo’s watering hole. 

Day 11: Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Serengeti National Park

Visit the Olduvai Gorge paleoanthropological site & museum on your way to Serengeti National Park. Upon arrival, enjoy an afternoon safari game drive. 

Day 12: Serengeti National Park – Arusha – USA

Before breakfast, observe the wildlife of the Serengeti as the sun rises (optional). After breakfast, take off on your last safari before returning home. Enjoy a farewell lunch in the bush before heading back to the airport in Arusha. Board return flight home upon arriving at the airport.