• Chile


Discover Chile's largest salt flat, Salar de Atacama, where you'll admire the beautiful Andean Flamingos in their natural habitat. You'll visit the Valley of the Moon, enjoy traditional cuisines, see the geyers at El Tatio, & much more. 

This tour makes a great add-on to any Chilean or South American adventure. 


  • Salar de Atacama – Chile’s largest salt flat. Home to Andean Flamingos & other fascinating wildlife.
  • El Tatio – One of the world’s largest geyser fields, situated at an altitude of 4,320 meters. Features geysers that can eject steam up to almost twenty feet off the ground.


Day 1: Santiago – San Pedro de Atacama

This afternoon, depart Santiago for San Pedro de Atacama. See Cordillera de la Sal, the fascinating geological formation whose present state is the result of a million years in the making. Visit the Valley of the Moon, a colorful sand & stone landscape that spans across a portion of the Atacama Desert. See Las Tres Marias, peculiar-shaped formations found within the valley, consisting of salt & other natural materials. Afterward, head to the valley’s great dune, & discover the beauty of the desert at dusk. Enjoy an overnight stay in the town of San Pedro de Atacama.  

Day 2: San Pedro de Atacama – Toconao – Salar de Atacama – San Pedro de Atacama

Spend the morning at leisure before heading to the quaint town of Toconao, whose streets are lined with houses made from volcanic rock. Enjoy scenic views along the way. Highlights include the fruit-bearing Tamarugo trees & the Licancabur volcano. Upon arrival, take a stroll through the main plaza to see the church & the 18th-century San Lucas Tower. Next, visit Salar de Atacama, & experience its many wonders into the night. This salt flat, one of Chile’s most mesmerizing sights, makes up a portion of Los Flamencos National Reserve. Enjoy observing the Andean flamingos & other wildlife in this serene stretch of nature. This evening, return to San Pedro de Atacama for an overnight stay. 

Day 3: San Pedro de Atacama – El Tatio – San Pedro de Atacama

Before sunrise, journey high up into the Andes to visit El Tatio, one of the world’s largest geyser fields. Observe numerous geysers, some of which eject steam up to almost twenty feet off the ground. Next, enjoy breakfast before a hiking adventure to discover the area’s fascinating flora & fauna. This afternoon, return to San Pedro de Atacama, & enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure.  

Day 4: San Pedro de Atacama – Calama – USA

Transfer to the airport in Calama, & board return flight home.