Los Cabos – Mexico

Baja's Breathtaking Landscapes & Amazing Sealife

Venture to the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula & you'll find a nature photographer's dream. It's here that the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, producing jewel-toned waters, incredible rock formations & fantastic opportunities to catch a glimpse of whales & other sea life in their natural habitat.

Sea lovers can snorkel or dive at El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, then sail out to deeper waters to whale watch or fish for blue marlin. Those who want to frolic in the waves should head to Medano Beach. (It's important to note that most other beaches in the Los Cabos area have a dangerously strong undertow & are closed to swimmers.)

On land, you can trek between mountains, desert & beachfront within minutes. And, when in Los Cabos, you do that on an ATV, horse or camel! Rather travel in a cart? Cabo is a great destination for golfers, with multiple courses to choose from. Or, just stroll. Get a taste of local life by enjoying the shops, restaurants & nightlife in Cabo San Lucas.

Peak travel time in Cabo is from December to April, so the best time to visit is early summer (May & June). Fall is also lovely (October/November), but make sure to plan ahead if you want to snag a deal.

A Couple Tips

Don’t get help from the guys inside the airport. Just smile & keep walking. Your shuttle or hotel representative will be waiting for you right outside the airport.

Cabo is a safe vacation destination if you travel smart. Just like you would in a large U.S. city, be aware of your surroundings & keep to well-lit, populated streets. Don’t flash money or expensive jewelry & don’t take unneeded risks.

Other Activity Ideas

Cabo Dolphins Marine Center – Fulfill your dream of swimming with dolphins. Learn about dolphin behavior, their habitat, how dolphins respond to training signals & many other interesting facts. For the ultimate experience, sign up for the hands-on “Trainer for a Day” program.

Santa Maria Beach – A stop at this quiet little bay hidden nearby San José del Cabo is a wonderful break from an active holiday. It's a great place to snorkel as the water is calm & the area is part of a protected marine sanctuary.

Stained glass hearts hanging in a tree

Our featured resorts offer so much more than standard fun & relaxation. Guests support a wide variety of social & environmental programs. Here are a few that really stand out.

Community Programs

Pueblo Bonito Rosé not only recycles food, paper, plastic, metals & hazardous chemicals, their glass bottle recycling program has created colorful heart sculptures based on traditional Mexican motifs for the community.

During Covid, Secrets Puerto Los Cabos heard that state hospitals were having a hard time keeping adequate fresh supplies. In response, they donated linens & towels to the General Hospitals of San José del Cabo y Cabo San Lucas.

Conservation Efforts

Dreams Los Cabos participates in the Dreaming of Freedom Turtle Release program. From approx. June through October, you can see Caray’s Green Sea Turtles visit the beach to lay their eggs.

Recommended Properties

There are so many options in Los Cabos; it can start to get overwhelming. So, we’ve selected some of our favorite resorts & excursions to get you started.

We feel strongly about partnering with organizations that give back their communities. All the resorts featured meet that criteria, through conservation, sustainability, social work or a combination thereof.

Experience the traditional elegance of colonial Mexican design, overlooking the picture-perfect turquoise hues of the Sea of Cortez & surrounded by eight championship golf courses.

This luxury adults-only resort sits on a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by mountains & the Baja Desert, just outside of San Jose del Cabo.

Greco-Roman themed architecture with rosé-tinted walls, gleaming domes, marble busts & a towering statue of Neptune set the scene at this upscale, full-service resort located on El Médano beach.

Looking for something else?

Let us know what's on your bucket list & we'll help you plan the perfect trip!

Optional Excursions

ATV excursion in Los Cabos, Mexico

ATV Sightseeing Tours

Hop aboard your own four-wheel drive vehicle & take a ride through the Baja's mountains. Your tour guide will help you keep an eye out for lizards & other desert dwellers as you explore the rugged terrain just north of Los Cabos on this 2-hour excursion. Helmets, goggles & bandanas will all be provided. Minimum age requirements: Rider – 10 & Driver – 16 (with valid license)

Whale watching excursion in Los Cabos, Mexico

Whale Watching

Planning a winter visit to the Baja peninsula? Don't miss the opportunity to see a humpback breach or a gray whale slip beneath the waters of the Mexican Pacific. This sailing outing is available for all ages from December through March & lasts about 2.5 hours.

Camel Quest excursion in Los Cabos, Mexico

Camel Quest

Yep, you read that right. You can explore the rugged El Tule Canyon on camelback! This 3.5 hour excursion will give you plenty of time to ride, play & even feed your new desert friend. A snack & bottled water will be provided. (Must be a minimum of 4 years old.)

Horseback riding excurion in Los Cabos, Mexico

Horseback Riding on the Beach

Enjoy the warm ocean breeze & the stunning views of the Pacific Coast as you gallop across the beach's white sand. Beginners can take it slow & experienced equestrians can opt to take a short trek into the desert & mountains. This excursion lasts about 2.5 hours including transportation, with approximately 1 hour on horseback. Minimum age requirement: 6.