Educational Volunteer & Service Learning Trips

If your school is looking to produce socially-aware graduates who are ready & able to use the skills they learn in the classroom, let us help you design a custom volunteer project for your next alternative spring break, j-term, maymester or summer program. The advanced knowledge students gain through these hands-on experiences makes them more competitive when applying to colleges or entering the marketplace.

Volunteer Project Types

FTI works with NGO's in more than 15 countries, on 5 continents, that offer sustainable projects where groups can immerse themselves in the local culture while working side-by-side with local volunteers.


Lend a hand with facility maintenance or create a service learning project to put engineering & architectural skills to work.

Social & Community

Students can assist caregivers at local orphanages or even provide counseling to abused women & children in crisis centers.


Athletes can partner with local coaches to teach teamwork & leadership, instilling confidence in children through sports.


Students can share their artistic talents teaching fine art, drama, or music to children for whom these things are luxuries.


Assist health care workers with medical, dental & optometry services in communities with limited access to medical care.


Work with schools to improve the quality of education. Teach English, mathematics, basic computer & vocational skills.

Women's Studies

Learn about the lives of disenfranchised women. Offer education & support that will enable women to be self-reliant.


Work alongside the local conservation team to conduct research & educate the community about wildlife preservation efforts.

Create a Service-Learning Project

Service-learning projects can be tailored for your specific field of study, skills, goals & budget.

Give your optometry students hands-on experience with eye exams as well as making & distributing eyewear. Or, enable your culinary students to combat unemployment by sharing their skills at a vocational school.

Volunteer Project Locations

Volunteer-Educational Africa girl leading kids


Volunteer opportunities abound in Africa. The project types are as diverse as the continent's geography. Students can focus on social issues or medical care needs created by poverty & the AIDS epidemic, including HIV/AIDS education. They can learn about social justice in Nelson Mandela's home town, teach valuable job skills to fight unemployment, empower women through entrepreneurship, develop lesson plans for disadvantaged children from remote areas, or work with local conservationists to promote environmental stability; just name your focus area. One of our university groups designed solar-powered food carts & donated them to a local community to create self-sustaining businesses.

Volunteer-Educational India elephant sanctuary


With a variety of project sites throughout India & Southeast Asia, groups can volunteer in a number of ways & across diverse settings. Aid teachers with early education & childhood development plans at schools with limited resources. Focus on women's empowerment by teaching language & computer skills to those disenfranchised by their communities. Work with medical practitioners or repair sophisticated medical equipment. Provide care & rehabilitation for endangered animals, assist with ecosystem preservation projects & promote environmental awareness within local communities. There are variety of opportunities for other fields of study; just let us know what your area of interest is.

Volunteer-Educational Romania Gepiu classroom


Work with one of over 18 projects that meet immediate, urgent needs while providing long-term solutions. Students can work with children, the elderly, disabled or abused; get their hands dirty building container homes or doing farm/agriculture projects; offer general medical, dental or optometry services; assist new businesses & so much more. If you have a specific area of interest, we can work with you to design a service-learning project to fit your program curriculum.

Volunteer-Educational Brazil

Latin America

Projects are available in both remote & urban settings in Central & South America. Regardless of the location, you can rest easy knowing security & translators are provided when necessary. Schools can work with us to create a service project that is custom-designed to their students' skills & interests. Special components can be created to align with a particular field of study, enhancing the learning experience for your students. Let us know if you have any ideas you would like to incorporate & we will create a unique program for you.

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